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Best Free Online Exams with Certificates in Any Field

In today’s post, we have revealed 20 plus special free online exams with certificates that are highly reputable. All The examinations span many fields of study and career and professionally determine the level of exposure in these fields with a possible qualification upon successful completion.

Did you study online computer engineering, project management or any other skills and not receive a certificate for it?

Online certification exams are paid for by individuals to take part, but after my study, I found out that there are also free online certification exams where individuals do not have to pay any fees for these exams and still get the requisite certificate.

What are the Importance of Online Certifications?

The advantages that come with taking online qualification tests are the following;

  • Since they are online-based programs, there are all the benefits of studying online such as simplicity, versatility, comfort, self-paced learning, etc.
  • Unlike the way standard school tests impact other student practices, getting your online certificate will not affect your normal everyday activity.
  • The credential you have received gives you experience of what you can do in the workplace, so you have developed an advantage over individuals of the same job profile.
  • Your credential will shape your career and will point you to your next destination.
  • If required by your employers to get one, online certification is the easiest, simpler way to obtain a certificate.
  • The credential makes your job profile more attractive to employers, such as when added to a CV or resume.
  • As part of a larger project you are working on and still getting certified, you can learn anything you want or need to learn.
  • In your office, you have the chance to get a pay hike or promotion.

It is available to everyone and the certificate makes you stand out of the competition.

Are Online Free Certifications a Reality?

Yeah, you can take the course online and get your certificate for free. Some online learning sites provide interested individuals with such opportunities.

You will learn about these free online qualification examinations through this post dear esteemed reader, and then proceed to take some of the exams that fit your skills and get your certificate. You will actually be remembered correctly for your talent and whatever it is you can do.

Review of 23 Best Free Online Exams with Certificates in Many Fields

I was able to compile the following free online certification exams along with their information and application links after much study. Let’s look at them without more ado;

1. Computer Fundamentals Online Certificate Exams Free

If you have basic programming skills and would like to review your field knowledge; then take this free online certification exam, Computer Fundamentals, which helps you to test your understanding of a computer’s fundamental principles, and the test also contains some of the program and machine software questions.

The exam will be in English and the exam will also take the form of multiple-choice questions and will cover the following basic aspects of software, hardware, device software, application software, and database overview.

2. English Grammar Free Online Exams with Certificates

Getting English grammar skills means that you have a better understanding of the English language, so you can speak and produce phrases without errors. A certificate in the field will help put you above others with the same job profile in the workforce competition. I don’t see any reason you should not take English grammar free online certification exam and get certified?

The exam will cover topics such as basic principles of English grammar, tenses of English grammar, verbs, sentence building and recognition of errors. You can receive a certificate by successfully passing the cut off point.

3. C Programming Free Online Certification Exams

By taking the free online exam in C programming, which tests your concepts and practical knowledge of the area, you earn a certificate in C Programming. In a few similar exercises, candidates who choose to take this exam are also required to have known C Programming.

C Programming topics such as data types and variables, functions, introduction to C, arrays, structures and pointers, conditional statements and loops, operators, and escape sequences will be covered by this test.

4. Environmental Science Free Online Certification Exams

By taking this test that measures your skill in the field, you get certified in environmental science from the ease and comfort of your home; so you get to demonstrate to important individuals, such as an employer, through your certificate that you understand the basic concept of environmental science.

Natural resources, wildlife, biodiversity and protection, environmental degradation, social issues and the climate are the topics to be tested in this exam. Pass the cut-off mark and crown your skills with a professional badge.

5. Business Ethics Free Online Exams with Certificates

The exam consists of a series of multiple-choice questions that will be based on the basic fundamentals of business ethics and you will receive a certificate in the field after successfully passing the requisite test score.

As a certified business ethics person, numerous business organizations will seek your expertise and knowledge as what you know will help companies expand beyond limits. Get your certificate in corporate ethics today and remain on top of the race for the workforce.

6. Mathematical Ability Free Online Certification Exam

Departments of finance, marketing and other business typically need mathematically qualified people for job positions; you might be qualified in the mathematical field, but who would consider that without showing a certificate? There are a few or none.

This is an opportunity for you to get a certificate for your mathematical skills by taking the free online certification test for Mathematical Ability and making your job profile more appealing. Note these areas as the subject to be covered in the exam will be: ratio, simple interest, velocity and distance, calculations, law of the chain, area and numbers.

7. Economics Free Online Certification Exam

As they have the requisite skills and experience to apply, an economist sure knows how to make a company move forward but qualified economists have these skills and are recognised by their genuine certificate for it.

By taking the Economics free online certification exam, passing the appropriate test score, and getting your certificate to show employers that you are certified and well learned in the field of study, now is the time for you to test your economics skills.

Market surplus, demand analysis, demand elasticity, cost principles, demand forecasting and economic basics are the topics to be covered in this test.

8. Java Programming Online Certificate Exams Free

Tech organizations and businesses highly seek after Java programmers as they are specialized in databases, internet, and various forms of computer-based applications.

By taking this free online exam, test your skills in Java Programming and receive the certificate to demonstrate that you know the concepts and practical knowledge behind the profession. Java fundamentals, data types, access modifiers, collection structures, among others are topics that will be discussed in the free online certification exam for Java programming.

9. Project Management Free Online Certification Exam

Organizations strongly sought after project managers because they are experienced in the effective preparation, management and execution of organization-related projects. Here is a chance to take the exam, pass the requisite score and get a certificate because you are qualified in project management.

You get more benefit over people with the same job profile as you with your project management credential, you can get a pay hike or a promotion. Project management subjects such as forecasting methods, project life cycle and tools for project management will be covered by the test.

10. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Free Online Certification Exams

In any organization and business company, individuals skilled in customer relationships are required to build and develop customer/client interactions.

By taking the CRM test and obtaining a certificate that will represent your skills on the subject, take your career to the next stage, thus making you competent in any job offer in this area.

CRM processes, CRM software, CRM business review, core CRM activities, among others are topics to be addressed in the CRM online certification test.

11. Microsoft Excel Free Online Certification Exams

Their exam includes numeric function subjects, text functions, worksheets, fundamentals of MS excel, and row, column, cell operations. Prepare yourself to take this exam to test your Microsoft Excel skills and knowledge and get your certificate.

Your Microsoft Excel certificate represents your abilities in the subject matter and your employers are even more respected by employees and you are also benefiting from a pay increase or promotion.

12. E-Marketing Free Online Certification Exams

If you have experience in this area of research, you will also recognize that it is also the same as online marketing. You get to work for someone from the comfort of your home and get paid for online marketing expertise, but then to grow your client base, you need to hold a degree in the industry.

Your E-Marketing credential would make you search for more customers, thereby expanding your client base and even charging you more for your services. For consumers to see and validate your authenticity, your certificate will be publicly posted on your social media profile.

As these topics will be discussed, brace yourself for the exam: email marketing terminology, online marketing summary, 7 Cs of online marketing and SEO.

13. Computer Networks Free Online Certification Exams

Do you have experience of computer networks, both theoretical and practical? Then this is your opportunity to take a test and become qualified in the field to demonstrate that you are skilled in that area of research to anybody who wants your expertise.

The test will cover various topics of computer networks, including multiplexing, protocols, transport layer, physical layer, topologies, network models, etc. Knowing these topics will help you better prepare for the test and pass the required score to earn your certificate for computer networks.

14. Python Free Online Certification Exams

Python is a form of language for computer programming, and most individuals are skilled in this area, but they do not have a certificate to show for it.

This free online certification test, however is here for you to participate in and receive a certificate that represents your Python skills. Many topics should be covered in the test, including variable names, numeric types, functional programming, inheritance, pickle mode, exception handling, etc. Knowing these topics will help you better prepare for testing and pass the required score to earn your Python certificate.

15. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Online Certification Exams

By taking this free online certification test, an exam that gives you a certificate when you participate in it and pass the minimum required score, you can consider having a certificate for your knowledge and skills of Amazon Web Services.

Candidates should focus on these subjects to pass on the basics of AWS cloud, AWS database, AWS network, AWS protocol, AWS CloudFront and AWS.

16. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Online Certificate Exams Free

CSS is a computer programming language, but I think you know that by taking a free online certification exam that will give you the opportunity to get a CSS credential, because you are already skilled in it, but it does not stop there, go ahead in advancing your career.

For their exams, candidates should focus on the following subjects; CSS for text and tables, margin and padding, CSS for backgrounds, CSS ID and class.

17. Logical Aptitude Free Online Certification Exams

The free online certification exam on logical aptitude is in the form of many multiple-choice questions covering several subjects such as simple logics, equations, series issues, relationships and situational issues.

Knowing the areas of the question subject would help you to prepare for your certification test and you will pass it in the field and get your certificate.

18. Company Law Online Certificate Exams Free

This may also be referred to as business law or enterprise law, and it is the area of study that legally regulates the rights, relationships, and actions of individuals, corporations, associations, and companies. Why not go ahead and participate in the online certification exam and earn your certificate if you have the expertise and skills in this field?

Check topics on the concept and essence of a business, winding up and dissolution of the business, memorandum of association, the creation of a business and types of business, articles of association and prospectus to make your exam preparation simpler.

19. Cost Accounting Free Online Certification Exams

Take your accounting skills further by getting a certificate by taking the accounting free online qualification test that can talk to employers about your skills.

Fundamentals of cost accounting, cost classification, lean accounting and cost accounting vs. financial accounting are subjects to be discussed in the cost accounting exam.

20. Entrepreneurship Free Online Certification Exams

By taking the free online certification exam where you get to test your skills and expertise in the subject area and receive a certificate after passing the appropriate test score, become a certified entrepreneur.

Applicants should concentrate on entrepreneurship topics such as capital sources, management and development of the company, informal risk capital and venture capital, marketing, organizational and financial strategy, and the end of the venture when preparing for the test.

21.Introduction to Coding for Beginners Online Exams with Certificates

This is not just a free online certification test, it is a free online course that teaches beginners to code and then they get to perform tasks that will get them their desired free certificate.

Coding is a sought-after skill by tech companies and organizations and this is your chance to dive free into the beginner level, where you get to learn from scratch HTML, CSS and web creation and receive a certificate after completion.

22. Web Design Online Certification Exams

This is another digital ability that is highly sought after these days, and if you sign up for this course and learn the rules, principles and abilities to develop graphic designs that can be adapted to the web-based interface, it will do you a lot of favor.

You can get a certificate after successful completion of the course, which also involves passing any quiz thrown at you.

23. Introduction to Game development Online Certification Exams

You would be shocked at the amount of money created by game production and because it is people who make them, that means they get paid a lot. Enter the game development environment, begin with the basics of career excellence and receive a certificate after completing the course.

Free Online Certification Exams by Google

These are free online certification exams by Google that include an authentic certificate after an applicant has taken the exam and passed the test score required.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Free Online Exams with Certificates

Take this free Google online certification exam to test your skills on the basic fundamentals of digital marketing. They are given the chance to study it for free before applicants take the course, in which they can now participate in the exam to receive the certificate.

One of the most sought-after digital skills is the foundations of digital marketing, getting the basic knowledge and a credential to demonstrate it can help develop your career, it can land you a fresh job or promotion in your workplace.

There via the issued certificate, you have all the knowledge on the free online certification tests to develop your skills and career.

Recommended Articles

All tests time and scores are the same as given below;

  • Test Time; 20 minutes
  • Total Questions; 20
  • Passing score; 60%

Driving my points home

Taking any of the valid free online certification exams and getting the certificate will dramatically improve the chances of you being promoted, raised salaries, being hired, or starting a successful new career. You should always pen down these certificates in your CV or Resume, as it will make it look more impressive and make employers welcoming to you and give you a reputation among your peers.

Getting certified shows employers that you have a good understanding of the field of study in which you are trained to assess your position in an organization or sector.

If there is no link for the course you want, please type it into your and search, you will see a lot of organizations to take the course with, make a choice.

Make it a point of duty to always upload your certificate(s) to your social media profile, such as LinkedIn, so you can always be contacted to offer your services if an opportunity presents itself through such platforms.

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