All Top Free Government Certifications Online with Links

We also disclosed some free online government certifications in this article that could improve your chances of landing a decent job with a reasonably good salary.

By and by, online learning is being increasingly embraced by all, and even by organizations too; what better way to use these innovations and it has really come in handy in this global pandemic times. And now you can learn and research online for a degree or for some other qualification with the proper digital resources, mostly a secure internet connection and a PC.

The learning form, online study, is convenient and has more advantages over the traditional type of research that makes its adoption very fast. The significance of the digital era is to make any conventional thing as simple and easy as possible as it used to be, and in education, too, it has excelled.

The government, too is part of the online learning growth process, enabling individuals to enroll in special online courses and receive certificates after completing an online course. What I mean by the government is a council that presides over the affairs of your state, region, and organizational bodies of government.

A completion certificate is awards by the government body hosting the online course to interested learners who took part in these special online courses. Not to worry, you can understand all the free online government certifications via this article and be provided with connections to access them.

I’m going to mention and clarify the free online government certifications without further ado.

List of Free Online Government Certifications in Any Country

I was able to root out and compile the following online courses after thorough study, on which the government provides free certification, valid in any country;

  • SAFe for Government Certification Training Course in Nigeria
  • Introduction to Go.Data
  • Standard Precautions: Waste Management
  • Introduction to Competency-Based Learning
  • Code Enforcement Officers
  • Health Cluster
  • County Commissioner
  • Municipal Elected Officials
  • Incident Management System
  • Certified Public Manager
  • Economic Development Professionals
  • Introduction to Operational Readiness
  • 100 Worst Mistakes to Make in Property Management
  • Government Property Basics
  • Risk Communication Essentials
  • Public Works

Review of Top Free Online Government Certifications in All Countries

We also disclosed some free online government certifications valid in any country that will improve your chances of landing a decent job with good pay.

1. Government Property Basics

This five-day course introduces learners to the structures of government property, showing them the appropriate methods of management of these properties and the property management regulatory requirements.

2. Introduction to Go.Data

Go.Data, developed and coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO), is a web-based database and mobile application tool used to collect field data, such as laboratory, contact information, transmission chains and hospital data.

Go.Data Introduction is an online free program that teaches interested students how to use the tool in the event of an epidemic; the main features and functions of the Go.Data app etc.

3. Standard Precautions; Waste Management

Do you know that numerous waste materials exist and that they need different methods of disposal? Register for this free online government certification course and learn about the various waste types and how to treat them, which also includes methods of disposal.

4. Introduction to Competency-Based Learning

This is a World Health Organization (WHO) free online government certification program designed to provide health workers with the expertise and information to address modern health crises effectively, such as in the case of a potential epidemic or pandemic.

5. Code Enforcement Officers

This is a free online government certification program offered by the University of Georgia, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, online.

This course teaches participants critical information within their jurisdictions administering municipal codes and ordinances, not only can first-timers take this course, but even individuals already in this field can enter it to sharpen their expertise and abilities in the subject matter.

6. Health Cluster

This service is a technique that is implemented to meet the humanitarian needs of affected people in a clear, efficient and equitable manner while maintaining humanitarian values.

The Global Health Cluster (GHC) has established the health cluster’s free online government certification program to train and empower more individuals with the expertise and knowledge of teams and partners to respond effectively to humanitarian crises.

7. County Commissioner

Being a leader is not as straightforward as it sounds, it is a task that in all levels and circumstances will test the temperament. This free online government certification curriculum offers the requisite lessons for county commissioners to develop their governance and leadership skills.

8. Municipal Elected Officials

The Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute, which offers a range of voluntary training programs for administrators, mayors and council members, operates this free online government certification program.

The curriculum is intended to develop the abilities of leadership and governance, as well as the experience of participants as local officials.

9. Incident Management System

This free online government certification program is coordinated by the WHO Health Emergencies Program, which trains and develops personnel expertise and equips them with the skills and information required to strengthen deployment and response capabilities.

10. Certified Public Manager

The right leadership skills can always create the right kind of productivity, and becoming a leader doesn’t just take anything more than that to get the tag.

Through this free online government certification program, advance your leadership skills and knowledge and learn how to lead and handle and coordinate more effectively.

11. Economic Development Professionals

By taking this free online government certification program, dive into practical courses that will drive you to become an economic development professional as it will help grow you effectively and improve your skills in areas such as professionalism and initiative, technical and business expertise, relationship building, assessing, evaluating and problem-solving, and leadership and power.

12. Introduction to Operational Readiness

This free online government certification program, developed by the World Health Emergency Operation Readiness Program, aims to equip learners, especially front-line responders, with the knowledge and skills to deal with all emergency response and hazards at the national and regional levels.

13. 100 Worst Mistakes to Make in Property Management

NMPA is developing this course for both professionals and non-professionals, showing them the common errors associated with property management and how to prevent them.

14. SAFe for Government Certification Training Course in Nigeria

This is a 2-day online training course in Nigeria hosted by a global learning service platform, Invensis Learning. In order to learn the concepts and practices of Secure, SAFe for Government trains interested learners in the Agile methods given by Scaled Agile required for participants.

This free online government certification will provide you with skills and expertise that will allow you within the government department to explore large-scale solution coordination and apply modern flow-based practices to processes of technology, planning, budgeting, enforcement and governance.

A qualification in this course will get you a place in a governmental organization easily and rapidly.

15. Risk Communication Essentials

The communication of risk is the sharing of information, advice and opinions between practitioners, officials and individuals in order to face a threat to their well-being, to allow informed decision-making and to take protective measures.

This free online government certification course provides you with the definition, concepts and implementations of successful risk communication.

16. Public Works

Public Works, the free online government certification program, is taught online by both the teaching faculty of the Institute of Government and by public works practitioners.

The curriculum teaches managers of public works and supervisors in a realistic way to become experts in their field and develops knowledge of appropriate management strategies and skills to help managers provide excellent services to local government.

Free Government Certification Online India

The Indian government offers its people free online classes to participate in, good thing you are now reading this post, you are now one click away to enter the free online courses offered by the Indian government and after completion you will receive your certificate. 

1. AI and Data Science by NASSCOM

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science has and continues to make an enormous contribution to the world as a whole as it can rapidly and efficiently solve complex mathematical problems and be applied more quickly in other computers to solve problems similarly.

Now, taking this free online certification course from the Indian government will provide you with the skills of AI and Data Science, technological know-how and how to turn your new learned abilities into a good career.

2. ICT Initiative

In reality, this is an online learning platform supported by the Government of India that provides interested individuals with various free online computer and artificial intelligence classes to learn for free and get a certificate after completion.

In order to expand the courses that students can choose from, the platform is also partnered with other online learning platforms.

These are the free online government certification courses offered by the government of India so that individuals can apply for as proof of completion and get certified. Students are encouraged to follow the laws of online learning so that they can receive their certificates.

Helpful Articles

Australian Government Free Online Certification Courses

Take part in the Australian Government’s free online courses and earn free certificate of completion while learning about the country’s vast educational resources. Through the program, FutureLearn is happy to partner with Australia’s best universities and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission to provide you with free online courses to help you enhance your skills and improve your career.

Courses offered by Australian universities are designed to improve your CV, give you a taste of an Australian learning experience, and help you figure out which Australian university would be best for you to study at in the future.

Their courses from Australian universities can take your career – or your curiosity – in whatever direction you wish. They’re meant to be 100% online, so you can learn at your own speed while studying with a global group of students.

You’ll learn from prominent experts in their industry through practical activities, essays, video, and audio. With more than 40 Australian universities coming together to demonstrate their world-class online education offerings, there has never been a better moment to learn about the richness of the Australian education system.

Benefits of Australian Government Free Online Courses

You will be updated free of charge to your course if you register for Australian Online Courses before June 30. ie. even after you have completed and you will receive a free digital certificate, you can access courses materials.

Courses Available

  • Teaching Students Who Have Suffered Complex Trauma by Queensland University of Technology
  • Introduction to Sustainability and Development by Deakin University
  • Big Data Analytics: Opportunities, Challenges and the Future by Griffith University
  • Global Biosecurity for One Health by Murdoch University
  • Professional Resilience: Building Skills to Thrive at Work by Deakin University
  • Bullying in Schools: How Should Teachers Respond? by Queensland University of Technology
  • Healthy Futures: How Can We Create the Most Effective Healthcare System? by Murdoch University
  • Supporting Adolescent Learners: Social and Emotional Wellbeing by Griffith University
  • Bushfires: Response, Relief and Resilience by The University of Newcastle Australia
  • Leading Culturally Diverse Teams in the Workplace by Deakin University
  • Health Systems Strengthening by The University of Melbourne
  • Creating Apps in the Classroom by Queensland University of Technology
  • The Power of Podcasting for Storytelling by University of Wollongong
  • Transforming Digital Learning: Learning Design Meets Service Design by Deakin University
    and so much more

WHO Free Online Government Certifications

WHO Online Courses is an online certification offered by the World Health Organization. No registration fee is available. WHO certifications will be certainly offered online. OpenWHO courses are self-running courses that allow you to study the material on your own schedule.

WHO online courses for people around the world are offered in various languages to study easily in their own language. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the United Nations’ specialized public health agency.

WHO Free Government Online Courses with Certificates – Facts

  • Name of Organization: World Health Organization
  • Who Can Apply: Anyone can apply
  • Application Deadline: No Deadline

What are the WHO Health Courses for COV-19

The OpenWHO is World Health Organization’s new interactive, Internet-based platform for knowledge transfer that offers online courses to improve health emergencies response. OpenWHO lends life saving knowledge to many leading respondents to the Organization and the key partners.

Importance of World Health Organization online courses

  • Free for Everyone from around the world.
  • All Countries can apply.
  • Available in many languages
  • No Academic Restrictions

Major Goals of WHO Online Courses for the General Public

Using operational plan directives, you and others can understand the importance of ope rationalization of the SPRD for the COVID-19 outbreak
You can use the COVID-19 partners platform for country preparedness and country response plans to access all measures, performance indicators and resources required to conduct preparedness levels.

How to Apply for the WHO Online Courses for Coronavirus Pandemic?

Create an OpenWHO account and you can choose from the list of available OpenWHO courses when you login. To apply for the course, click on the “Enroll me for this course” button. You can begin the course right away once you’ve enrolled.

To Conclude

Depending on what you want to learn, free online government certification courses and programs will develop your current skills, brush up your understanding or give you new ones. The courses I have mentioned are free and take a couple of hours to complete, so you can only decide to take more than one course if you can afford it.

The skills and knowledge you will learn from each of these online courses combined with your current skills will make you an asset everywhere you go and your employers will also recognize and appreciate your hard work with your certificate to show for it.

It has always been fruitful to take online courses, producing better results once completed, particularly when you get certified for it you get a better chance in the workforce.

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