Universities in Amsterdam for International Students

Take a look at our review of affordable universities in Amsterdam for international students, cost of living in Amsterdam is very low even as a capital.

About Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is also known as the Alpha city because it is a European education, culture and technology hub. It is a melting pot of cultures in the EU, representing people from over 150 countries, and houses giants as Tesla, Netflix, and Uber. We will review the cheap universities in Amsterdam for international students in this article.

Amsterdam is not one of the least costly cities, but it draws students from all over the world. Unlike some, such as Anne Frank and Vincent Van Gogh, the city has flourished over the years. It houses some of Holland’s finest educational institutions and offers great opportunities to impress young people.

7 Universities in Amsterdam for International Students

1. University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is one of the oldest educational institutions in the Netherlands and was established in 1632. It has over 31000 college students and is also the largest university in the country by enrollment.

In the seven distinct fields of humanities and the social and behavioral sciences, economics and enterprises, research, law, medicine and dentistry this cheap University in Amsterdam is present. This has been the effect that 5 former Prime Ministers and 6 Nobel laureates have been awarded in this country in education. In 2014, the QS World University Rankings ranked 50th in the world’s top 100 universities.

The following links offer the fee structure at the undergraduate and postgradal level for local and foreign students in different courses.

2. VU, Amsterdam

The University of Vrije is one of Amsterdam’s few publicly funded universities. The university has more than 23,000 students, and some 3,000 highly qualified faculty members, established by a community of Orthodox Protestant Christians, in 1880.

Established on an area of about 100 acres, VU offers its students more than 50 baccalaureate, 150 masters, and a variety of doctoral programs. The courses are offered both in English and Dutch so that foreign students can access them.

3. Gerrit Rietveld Academie

The stories of Gerrit Rietveld can be traced back to 1924, when three schools combined into the formerly established Institute of Applied Science, named for its present campus architecture. Two Bachelors and five Masters’ programs are offered by the university. Roughly 45% of students in the Institute come from 60 countries, which gives students a strong foreign presence on campus.

The concept of constant creativity and study drives the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, which makes this cheap university in Amsterdam pump out highly qualified professionals from each of its courses. It offers expertise in inter-architecture, fine arts, design laboratory, graphic design, fashion, jewellery, textiles, image and language, photography, glass, ceramics, DOG time, etc.

4. Tio University of Applied Sciences

Tio University of Applied Sciences was established in 1960s as a private school. It has made a name for itself after its 5 decades of existence as an intense, small-scale, yet high-quality educational institution. It has five campuses in Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Hangelo, and Amsterdam nationwide.

In areas like hotel and event management, international tourism, international business and exchange, entrepreneurship & organizations, the university offers comprehensive undergraduate courses.

5. Amsterdam School of the Arts

Amsterdam School of the Arts is a skills college situated in the city’s metropolitan area. It focuses exclusively on theatre, television and film, music, visual arts, education in the arts, cultural heritage, and dance. The courses offered are both part-time and full-time at the level of bachelors and masters, as well as part-time, pre-masters, seminars, and year-round summer schools.

Lectures are provided in English and Dutch at this inexpensive university in Amsterdam for international students and some of the undergraduate programs are in design and technology, pop music, production, jazz, classical music, cinematography, sound design, etc.

6. Wittenborg University

The University of Wittenborg is a boutique university with major business school experience. It began in 1987 with its first campus in Apeldoorn and soon spread to Amsterdam, and now serves Vienna as well.

While the University was initially founded as a business school, it now offers programs in five major areas: arts and technology school, sports and health school, tourism and hospitality, governance and education. In 2018, Keuzegids HBO ranked second in the country in its BBA. Because it is an applied science university, Keuzegids HBO mainly has collaborations with universities worldwide, including the Brighton University, the Shanghai Business School and many more.

7. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Created in 1993 for professional higher educational purposes was the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. Offering programs for over 40,000 students in over 90 subjects, this university in Amsterdam for international students is very affordable too. The school is in collaboration with over 250 institutes in 50 countries to offer a variety of programs.

The programs are divided into seven main fields eg., technology, digital media and innovation, social work and law, education and parenting, business and administration, healthcare and nutrition and practice.

The city of Amsterdam serves as a great place for any person to prosper. Its rich history, cultural diversity, scenic beauty, eye-catching architecture, and urban touch offer a great opportunity for students to become global citizens. These universities are fair enough to show that they are worth their money, despite the fact that Amsterdam is one of the most costly cities in the Netherlands to live in.

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