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University of Oxford Acceptance Rate 2023

Last Updated on March 2, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

Oxford University is a decent place to study if you want to study in the UK and its acceptance rate is well worthwhile when you apply for admission. That is why, in 2023, you need a clearer understanding of the University of Oxford acceptance rate.

This writing will open your eyes about the University of Oxford acceptance rate, acceptance rate of Oxford undergraduate, acceptance rate of Oxford graduate school, and other requirements.

Oxford University is in Oxford, England, and is a research university. The founding date is not known, but teaching began from the year 1096, it is the oldest university in the English-speaking nation and the second oldest university ever active.

About Oxford University

The University of Oxford (unofficially Oxford University or Oxford) is an Oxford, England, academic university. There is no known date of establishment, but there is evidence of teaching from 1096, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second oldest continuously operating university in the world.

In 1167, when Henry II forbade English students to attend the University of Paris, it grew rapidly. Some scholars fled to the northeast to Cambridge, where they later established the University of Cambridge, after disputes between students and people of Oxford in 1209. The two “old universities” are also collectively referred to as “Oxbridge.”

The University consists of a number of schools grouped into four divisions, including 38 constituent colleges and a number of university departments. Basically, all colleges are independent entities within the university, each of which has its own processes and activities and manages its own affairs.

There are more than 30 universities and halls at the University of Oxford that give each student from day one a secure and welcoming atmosphere.

Oxford is recognised for offering one of the best courses in the world and rivalry here is high for undergraduate institutions. They receive, on average, more than 20,000 applications per year for around 3,250 seats.

What is the University of Oxford Acceptance Rate?

A very general Google search reveals an acceptance rate of 17.5 percent for Oxford and 21 percent for Cambridge .

But note, Oxbridge has the minimum requirements, unlike American universities, to allow you to submit an application, and even to access your application; otherwise, your application will be rejected. You should only apply to Oxford or Cambridge, not both. US universities are aggressively promoting and encouraging students to apply, many of whom are almost not qualified. In general, students are limited to applying to only five universities in the United Kingdom, but the number of schools to which you can apply is not limited in the United States.

What is the University of Oxford Undergraduate Acceptance Rate?

Complete admissions to Oxford, offers made to and accepted by students, and all residences, 2014–2018.

Year     No of Applicants   Offers

2018          21,515             3,840
2017          19,938             3,771
2016          19,144             3,751
2015          18,377             3,663
2014          17,484             3,565

What is the University of Oxford Law Acceptance Rate?

Law faculty, Oxford is the law school of the University of Oxford, which has a tradition of more than 800 years of teaching and writing law, according to Wikipedia, The Faculty of Law. It is unique in its use of customized tutorials in which, as the main method of instruction in its undergraduate and graduate classes, students are taught weekly by faculty fellows in groups of one to three. In the English-speaking world, it also offers the largest doctoral program in Law. The faculty is part of the Social Sciences Division of Oxford.

Oxford Law Schools, with an acceptance rate of about 8 percent, is certainly one of the world’s most prestigious law schools. In the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it is currently ranked first in the world.

What is the University of Oxford Business School Acceptance Rate?

The rate of acceptance is not defined, here we will use the size of the class as a case study.

The class provides a wide range of diversity, varied viewpoints and experience, and a willingness to share ideas and concepts.

  • 329 Class size (2019-20)
  • 64 Nationalities
  • 95% International students
  • 44% Female
  • 5 years Average work experience
  • 690 Median GMAT

What is the University of Oxford Graduate Acceptance Rate?

The University of Oxford’s graduate programs fall into two primary categories; science and research. Under academic guidance, students engage in research activities and meet regularly. Advice on the particular project, the scope of the study, the data collection methods and the expected requirements are given by the supervisors.

Students also attend courses on particular research abilities as part of their research degree, as well as a variety of workshops and lectures. Taught programs typically include a combination of core and optional courses and a dissertation submission.

The assessment can be done both for courses and for examinations and theses. Seminars and conferences help the research. All conditional or unconditional proposals made by academic departments or faculty are included in the offer numbers.

  • 8,887 applications (34.3 percent) were for degrees research programs
  • 17,057 (65.7 percent) applications were for taught degrees

What is the University of Oxford Ph.D. Acceptance Rate?

For the University of Oxford Ph.D. acceptance rate, there is no clear statistic to show, but you will know how the school accepts to the Ph.D. program from the comprehensive description above about the graduate acceptance rate.

What is the University of Oxford International Acceptance Rate?

Oxford is one of the world’s most popular foreign universities. Today, one-third of its students are foreign citizens and come from over 150 countries, including 17 percent of undergraduates. Oxford accepts foreign student applications.

Cambridge applicants in 2016 had a 26 percent chance of getting in, with Oxford applicants having just a 17 percent chance of success.

What is the University of Oxford US Acceptance rate?

It’s hard for everyone, but for Americans, it seems to be slightly harder. On average, Oxford has an enrollment rate of around 16 percent, but it’s just under 9 percent for Americans. About half of the average.

If I had to take an informed guess, it would be Oxford searching for “narrow and deep” people in their academic fields, when a much wider (but inherently superficial) curriculum is approaching American high school education.

To Conclude

In conclusion, Oxford University should be your first choice of school if you plan to study in the UK. Therefore, having knowledge of the University of Oxford acceptance rate will lead you to understand the chances of getting admitted to the school before you apply to this prestigious school.

Therefore, this article provides detailed information for undergraduates, graduates and foreign students about the University of Oxford acceptance rate. Learn and apply carefully.

University of Oxford Acceptance Rate FAQ

What does your GPA have to be to get into Oxford?

Many departments need a minimum GPA of 3.7 on a scale of 4.0, while others require a minimum of 3.5.

Is Oxford University hard to get into?

It’s difficult to go in, but maybe not as difficult as people believe, says Mike Nicholson, head of university entries, with an average of five applications for every place.

Does Oxford accept American students?

Students can also apply for a full degree or apply for a full year at the University of Oxford during their studies in other universities. The University of Oxford, however, does not allow transferred students, so you must start the course from the beginning if you want to study to graduate entirely at Oxford University.

What are the requirements to get into Oxford?

360 points will typically be needed for a full degree; 120 at level 1 (equivalent to the first year of a traditional university degree), 120 at level 2 and 120 at level 3. Students would have to complete or review at least 120 points in relevant subjects if they were to apply for Oxford.

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