List of Tuition Free Universities in USA for International Students

1. Berea College

Berea College is a Kentucky-based university. For this free university in USA, providing free tuition for both national and international students is one of the most important concepts. They firmly believe in unification and the value of putting together distinct cultures. Berea has historically been a pioneer in this, as it was the first college to become a coed. In addition, within its campus, it was one of the first to advocate racial integration.

For the first year of their studies, foreign students get free tuition. They would however, pay $1,000 a year in subsequent years. Fortunately, to help the student accomplish this purpose, the university provides several job opportunities. Admissions are very competitive, as you might imagine.

2. Curtis Institute of Music

In the town of Philadelphia, this private free university in USA is located and is known for being tuition-free for all students. It’s a very exclusive institution and every year there are just 160 students admitted. As they undergo very individualized training to pursue their music education, there’s a reason for this. In addition, the institute provides all students scholarships with full coverage.

There is a merit-based scheme in operation. To be eligible for these scholarships, students do not need to show financial need. Such scholarships cover a student’s tuition every year. In addition, extra financial assistance beyond just tuition expenses would be taken into account for students who show financial need. For the Curtis Institute of Music, one of the most important things is that students won’t have to drop out because of problems with money.

3. Deep Springs College

This free college is housed in California’s Deep Springs. It is one of the smallest institutions in the U.S. where only men are actually admitted. The school did, however, declare its plan to become a coed college in the near future. Admission is very competitive, as each year they only admit up to 15 students. One of the reasons for this is that for each student’s education, the institution provides full coverage. This involves tuition as well as their needs for boarding and room.

At the ranch where the college is located, students are expected to operate. This is a way of supporting one of the big pillars of the philosophy of this organization, which is manual labor. In addition, when working within their group, they empower students to be more autonomous and self-assured. Classes are mostly held in a seminary style and consist of fewer than eight students. Therefore for their classes, students are supposed to be highly prepared.

4. Washington State University

This college is based in Pullman, Washington and offers a wide range of national and international student academic programs. There is no guaranteed free tuition for foreign students. However you are eligible for lucrative scholarships by only applying. One of the criteria for being admitted to this college is academic excellence. In addition, the scholarship may be renewed, but during their college, the recipient must maintain a high GPA.

5. Alice Lloyd College

This school is one of the rare colleges to have a work-study arrangement in the United States. This implies that the institution allows students to work while studying abroad. In reality, students won’t be eligible to graduate if the minimum hours of work have not been completed. This prerequisite for employment is what enables the institution to provide free tuition for all the approved applicants.

Alice Lloyd’s Study Work Program seeks to help learners build a sense of obligation and appreciation for work. Positions are accessible in the nearby neighborhood, both on the college campus and off-campus. As the student progresses in their education, the institution encourages a sense of service and provides numerous jobs.

6. College of the Ozarks

The College of the Ozarks is one of the free universities in USA for international students based in Missouri that offers various academic programs for the liberal arts. This institution strongly discourages learners from getting into debts of high interest. Therefore, they offer a tuition-free conditional program. This means that to be eligible for this advantage, students are expected to work a minimum of 15 hours per week.

The college does however, only cover tuition fees. Board and room expenses must also be treated separately. To help them pay for these fees, there are many scholarships made available to students. The Summer Job Education Program also enables students to receive additional cash that can be used to pay for these living expenses. At the College of the Ozarks, there are several choices.

7. Warren Wilson College

Study in USA for free at this higher education institution which is based in North Carolina and provides academic programs for the liberal arts. The school requires students to research, represent the community, and work on the campus of the college. This is part of their dedication to providing students from all backgrounds with affordable instruction. This, fortunately, concerns foreign students.

Two primary tuition-free options are offered by Warren Wilson College. The one that refers to foreign learners is called Milepost One. There are some conditions with respect to the student’s household annual income as well as a minimum GPA. An significant addition, however is that on campus students must live and be part of the Warren Wilson Work Program.

8. Barclay College

This is a Kansas-based Christian College. It is primarily known for ministry degrees and for being one of the universities in the USA that give free tuition. The school has diversified its supply of services in recent years. For all students accepted, they offer a scholarship, which is a perfect opportunity for those seeking to pursue higher education. This covers the tuition fees only. To be eligible for this advantage, students are expected to live on campus.

9. University of the People

This school is an online American college. It is properly accredited and offers a broad range of academic programs, from business administration to health science. For every student enrolled, this online college provides free tuition. There are however, application fees as well as assessments.

Despite this to help students offset these costs, the university provides several scholarships. The purpose of this institution is to make education open to all students, wherever they live in the world.

10. The United States Naval Academy

The site of this institution is in Annapolis, Maryland. Your schooling, including room and board and medical treatment, is completely provided by the academy. In the particular case of foreign students, for them to be accredited, their countries must postulate them to the Academy. The academy has approximately 60 foreign students.

International students must return to their respective countries to provide service there unlike domestic students who are expected to serve in the Navy for five years after graduation.

11. The United States Air Force Academy

This is one of the free colleges in USA for international students which offers free tuition, equivalent to the Naval Academy. In addition, it includes any living costs as well. The Academy of the Air Force is situated in the state of Colorado. The Academy admits no more than 15 foreign students per year and they must be nominated by their country of origin, much like the Naval Academy.

In the United States, most service academies are governed by similar laws. You might read about the process of being nominated by your country if you’re interested in any of them. A candidate will not be nominated by all countries, so this might not be a choice for you.


Tuition Free Universities in USA for International Students – Those that offer scholarships

There are other institutions that are rather inexpensive, but not completely free. Here are some of the various colleges that offer international students great opportunities, and with generous scholarships offered by these universities, free tuition can be provided. Such organizations strive to transform their schools into more globalized environments, where students can really profit from engaging with individuals from other cultures.

1. South Texas College

This college is located two hours from the border with Mexico, in Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. A very attractive package for foreign students is offered by this public school. Usually, the annual tuition is less than $5,000. In addition, scholarships for these students are available and they also accept third-party scholarships. When looking for affordable education in the US as an international student, this is a great choice to consider.

2. Vanderbilt University

Situated in Nashville, Tennessee, this institution is one of the oldest in the world. With over 100 nations represented at the college, Vanderbilt strongly encourages the participation of international students. In addition, for foreign students, the university provides competitive financial assistance. These can be selective or they can provide total coverage of tuition.

During their four years of study, students with an exemplary academic record are eligible for scholarships that cover full tuition. This implies that if they meet the criteria stipulated by this institution, students will get a fully free education.

3. Wichita State University

Wichita State University is located in Wichita, Kansas and it is a research-focused public institution. Thanks to its competitive tuition fees and opportunities for those with a great academic background, numerous foreign students select Wichita every year. An outstanding GPA will allow you to apply for their Global Select Scholarship, which will subtract a portion of your tuition fee.

4. University of Utah

This institution, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is growing amongst the top international student colleges. In addition, the university opened a campus in Asia in its pursuit of globalization, making it simpler for students from this area to attend. Over 100 different countries come from the foreign population represented at this institution.

In addition various programs offer foreign students multiple scholarships. It will also help students afford their fees while continuing their higher education, as well as being able to meet their living expenses. In addition, services aimed at integrating foreign students with the rest of the student body are available.

5. University of Central Arkansas

One of the first to be founded in the state of Arkansas was this institution. Located in Conway, it provides both national and foreign students a wide range of academic programs. This college has over 300 foreign students enrolled. At this institution, there are several attractive features, including affordable fees.

An extra $9,000 a year would be paid out by foreign students. However this number will further decrease thanks to scholarships available for attending students. The total sum could be raised by additional expenses such as board and room. However, it’s always a nice choice to consider.

Studying in the United States is an ideal way to expand your career prospects in this country or elsewhere in the world. Following this dream is a real possibility, due to the wide range of scholarships and financial support opportunities available to international students.

It is necessary, however to make a complete assessment of the costs that could involve living in the US. Bear in mind that it will still require English proficiency. If you have to take some tests to show your adequacy in the language, this could mean an extra cost. These free tuition universities in the United States may therefore be the first choice for you to be able to afford your higher education in the first years. When you have completed your undergraduate studies, there are also various opportunities for obtaining master’s and graduate degrees. If none of these alternatives is a match for you however, then these lower-cost universities may be seen as a viable choice for you.