Cheap Universities in Estonia for International Students

Finding a good reason to study abroad these days could be daunting because there are lots of them. One is affordable universities and cities to study in. I have penned down the likely cheap universities in Estonia for international students, tuition fees, cost of living etc.

It is not a must for all international students to study at top study abroad destinations like USA, UK etc, if you cannot afford it, there are still affordable countries to study in and still obtain quality education. One of them is Estonia, study in Estonia today!

Cheap Universities in Estonia for International Students – Information you need to help you decide whether to study in Estonia or not

Why study in Estonia as an international student?

  • Tuition fees in this country is highly affordable compared to North American countries.
  • Many of Estonian Universities offer English-taught programs, this is very welcoming to foreign students
  • Most of their student cities are cheap to live in and study

Tuition Fees in Estonian Universities

We know that different institutions set their tuition fees based on the programs and may be season. But we always provide the average tuition fees obtainable in a particular country, do well to find out specific tuition fees from your school of choice.

Universities in Estonia charge tuition fees between 1023 Euros to 7350 Euros per year.

It is likely that postgraduate or masters programs cost more depending on area of specialization.

These fees are very cheap even more than other European countries, you can compare and see.

You can even apply for a tuition waiver or available scholarships if you still can’t afford the tuition fees or even get a student loan to ease the financial stress.

Cheap Universities in Estonia – Admission requirements

To stand a chance of being given admission to study in any of the universities in Estonia, you have to be eligible. This means that you must meet all admission requirements or confirm if a pathway program exist for your program and enroll.

For undergraduate programs, basically you need an SSCE or high school certificate and proof of language proficiency. For graduate studies, you need transcript, first degree certificate and even 2 recommendation letters from your former lecturers, preferably, professors or doctors. You can prepare your thesis, CV and statement of purpose. Check with your school to confirm what is required.

Cost of Living in Estonia

Of course you would like to know how much you should be budgeting on a monthly basis if you are living in Estonia. I would say it depends largely on your lifestyle or spending habit; major and minor cities are not same when it comes to cost of living. Below is a breakdown of costs you are likely to in cure during your stay abroad.

Affordable Accommodation in Estonian Universities

If you are on scholarship, your sponsors would mandate that you stay in the school’s accommodation which normally cost from €100 per month.

Your accommodation cost is a reflection of the size of the flat and location; on average you should budget about 200 to 500 euros per month.

Transport Fare in Estonia

You can expect to board a bus for free in some cities in Estonia as long as it is public transport. For other cities, you can be charged a token of about 8 to 10 euros per month on a public transport or a little bit above that for private cabs.

Affordable Universities in Estonia – Scholarships

If you are going to study in Estonia as an international student, I advice you apply for the government of Estonia scholarship, it is offered to students who are either taking a taught course or doing research.

Their scholarships is mainly accessible to masters and PhD students. If they consider undergraduate students, it is on a rare occasion and mainly to waive tuition fees, not fully-funded.

List of Cheapest Universities in Estonia for International Students

  • Audentes University
  • Audentes University, Tartu Branch
  • Concordia International University Estonia
  • Estonian Academy of Arts
  • Estonian Academy of Music
  • Estonian Agricultural University
  • Estonian Business School
  • Estonian Public Service Academy
  • International University Estonia
  • Tallinn Institute of Technology
  • Tallinn University
  • Tartu Medical School
  • University Nord
  • Concordia International University Estonia
  • Tallinn University of Technology
  • University Tartu
  • Estonian Business School

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