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Ames Christian University United States – Fees, Scholarships

Last Updated on April 12, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

We will be reviewing Ames Christian University, it state of accreditation, fees, scholarships if any and reviews from former students of the school.

About Ames Christian University USA

Top Christian universities in the US include Ames Christian University. The name of the school was taken from Fisher Ames, whose legacy the name was based. It is committed to advancing Fisher Ames’ legacy, which is evident in the courses it offers and the structure of its curriculum.

When you enroll at Ames Christian University, you are choosing to participate in Christian activities rather than just attend school to earn a college degree, giving you the opportunity to grow in your relationship with God throughout time.

At Ames Christian University, you can enroll in a variety of program categories, from no-cost certificate courses to affordable degree programs.

The convenience of time at the University is one extremely noticeable aspect to be aware of. Students can work at their own pace in this environment. Students can complete the courses at their own convenience and pace to deepen their understanding of God’s word.

Students at Ames Christian University can discover fresh approaches to loving God, serving God, and developing a closer relationship with him. God gives ideas for learning, and the university’s curriculum aims to convey knowledge and wisdom.

The university is situated in Florida’s Fort Myers. Over 75,000 students from all over the world attend this typical learning facility where they receive inspiration from the Almighty God.

As a Christian university, the institution is adamant that men must stand up to serve as Christ’s ambassadors wherever they go and that many souls must be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Most importantly, Ames Christian University has prepared students for such a time as this and is still preparing students for it. It is important for Christians to be seen by the world as having faith and trust in the Lord, and it is also necessary for the ever-shining light of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to dispel the darkness that hangs over various cities in the world today.

Ames Christian University provides a setting for both verbal and practical development for all-around success in the God’s kingdom. Here are a few details about Ames Christian University that you might find interesting.

Ames Christian University Student Reviews

There are several reviews available for Ames Christian University. Many positive comments about the university have already been made by graduates, academics, and visitors. The examples provided below should help you get an opinion on the kind of institution Ames Christian University is. See below;

  • ‘’I just completed Biblical Management Principles and I can start to feel the Holy Spirit’s call to service. I would like to praise the Lord and thank Ames Bible College for helping me find my way again. Thank you.” Student A.D from Taiwan
  • ‘’I have been working on Battle for the Body and wow what a concept. I have been a pastor for nine years and have barely even scratched the surface of all the knowledge. I am finding the wisdom is great and I like what I see. The lessons are challenging. If we only knew as pastors what God is really like, we would be a lot more effective in our ministries.’’ Student Pastor K.A of Oregon
  • ‘’I have spent a good part of the day reading “Basic Bible Survey One” and it looks great! I have previously taken an old testament survey course and your course is more comprehensive” Student F. M from Norway.
  • “I am enjoying my studies very much. Thank you for allowing me to study God’s word with your Bible College… I have purchased myself a Strong’s complete dictionary of Bible words to help me in my quest…may God bless you and your good works. Thanks again” Student J.B from North Carolina

Ames Christian University Accreditation

The Academic Council for Educational Accountability, a non-governmental organization created expressly to promote honesty among Christian colleges and universities in the United States, has granted accreditation to Ames Christian University.

The Academic Council for Educational Accountability (ACEA), also known as a group of Christian educators and Christian training institutions and programs, was established to lend credibility to one another.

Without compromising any school’s vision, goal, or calling, ACEA is in charge of providing accountability and evaluation.

Anyway, for the purpose of clarification and with your indulgence, it should be noted that accreditation of universities and seminaries in the United States is a voluntary process, with accreditation granted by private and non-governmental agencies. Governmental organizations do not provide theological or ministry accreditation, and nothing about federal or state accreditation of a religious institution is ever heard because the civil government has no authority to regulate religious teachings or which religious institutions may or may not receive accreditation.

In other words, as Ames Christian University lacks regional secular accreditation, persons who desire to work in secular settings like schools, as state-licensed counselors, or in any other likely position may want to reconsider pursuing a degree there.

Ames Christian University Tuition Fees

For you to get this information, you must be a prospective student. Ames does not disclose fees to third parties, you need to visit the school’s official website and contact them directly.

Ames Christian University Free Courses

Ames Christian University is dedicated to assisting students in establishing themselves in their chosen field of specialization.

Then, however, due to a lack of resources on the part of so many people, Ames Christian University made some courses available for free to students who couldn’t otherwise afford them or perhaps just to anyone with a particular interest in taking such a course (not necessarily those who were financially incapacitated).

Benefits of the Ames Christian University Free courses

  • You will have access to all courses for free
  • Graduate without paying any money
  • Obtain a certificate of completion fully for free
  • Switch to obtain a degree from the university at any time.

The free courses offered by Ames Christian University offer a thorough path for learners to advance after completing each session. At Ames Christian University, Bible classes are offered without charge. A few of them are: How to accept God’s love, fundamentals of the Bible, and numerous others.

You will receive a PDF Certificate of Completion with your name and the graduation date once you have finished the free program. You won’t get a printed diploma, transcript, or college credits, though.

How to Apply for Ames Christian University Free Courses

to register for free courses at Ames Christian University;

  • Visit
  • Navigate to ‘free program’
  • Click on Register
  • Fill in your details correctly
  • Select ‘Free (non-accredited)’ under Programs
  • Fill “from” on the space for “How did you hear about Ames?”
  • Finally, Click on the Register button below the form.

You can also start the registration process right away by clicking here.

How to access the Ames Bible College Student page

You can get all the assistance you require on the Ames Bible College student page, which is accessible online. The link will be just below this brief instruction, but for now, carefully read this to obtain some understanding before exploring the more information via the link.

You should be aware that you cannot complete your degree more quickly than one year after your start date, so be sure to take the proper measures in your coursework and take your time. Simply enroll in two classes each month.

Another thing you should be aware of is that all you need to do to ensure that everything works out flawlessly for you and that your certificate is processed for you after graduation is to enroll in the program.
You must obey all instructions since doing so will help you succeed in school.

Open the link below, select “Download Center” from the menu on the left to access the download center, and then click “Foundations of faith” to download your first course. You are free to select any of the additional free courses that are available.

After reading the first chapter, complete the chapter self-test provided by the Academic Council for accountability in education. Assess each assignment through the coursebook’s conclusion.

Go to the exam center page by clicking on it, then print the exam sheet.

Print the exam out to take it.

Have your spouse or a trusted friend grade the answer key after printing it out.

Then, use the grade submission form on the left to submit your grade result.

This is the link.

Is Ames Christian University accredited?

Yes, in a manner! Since there is no legal prohibition in the US against seminaries receiving accreditation from their own Christian body, which is where Ames Christian University falls in, there isn’t really a clear solution to this subject. The Academic Council for Educational Accountability for Christian Schools (ACEA) organization grants accreditation to Ames Christian University.

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