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Low Tuition Universities in Libya with Tuition Fees

Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by Unwana Akpan

Find out the cheapest universities in Libya for international students with tuition fees. In the Maghreb region of North Africa, Libya is a sovereign state bordered north by the Mediterranean Sea, east by Egypt, southeast by Sudan, south by Chad and Niger, and west by Algeria and Tunisia.

For the nation, the education system in the country is about average. Children begin to study at six years of age and continue to do so until 15 years of age. Under federal law, this is primary school and compulsory.

The bulk of students move on to high school. Three years period this form of schooling. By the time a student is 18, he or she is likely to be employed in his or her chosen field of jobs.

The nation spends approximately 2.7 percent of its GDP on education. However in order to facilitate education within the government, the country has created different agencies. The General People’s Committee for Higher Education is the educational body responsible for the management of school systems in the country.

Compared to other parts of the world, literacy rates aren’t good here. Around 70% of males and just 35% of females are literate. Enhanced women’s schools, however, are now starting to greatly increase this ratio. Via the United Nations Development Initiative, this has been done.

Higher Education System in Libya

As a primary choice for students who do not wish to enrol at a university, the country has technical and vocational schools. These are some of the most common options for students because they provide the student with an opportunity to quickly learn valuable skills.

The country, however, also has numerous universities from which people can enrol. Each of these schools sets its own rules about the enrollment of international students. These schools are rather autonomous. Some are private colleges, mostly focused on faith or funded by multinational universities or programs.

Through boarding programs and overseas education programs, most foreign students studying in the region migrate in. Having foreign students enrolled in these schools is not rare, but it is far from being a regular sight either.

It is necessary to remember that at this stage, many locals would go overseas for their education. This kind of educational opportunity offers an opportunity for locals to get a better level of education than what is directly accessible in Libya.

While the schools are trying to change, the region’s political instability has made it difficult to do so. However, students are welcome from almost all parts of the globe.

Tuition Fees and Health Insurance

The schools themselves set tuition rates. These ranges are broadly dependent on the study program. Some students may find that tuition services for international enrollment are offered by individual universities, but because this form of service is not very popular, it is not easily accessible.

Tuition normally does not include charges for lodging, books, or other fees. Students are expected to pay for food and other needs of their own as well.

Students may not have access to affordable healthcare in most cases and must pay for this form of healthcare in order to provide service in advance. For this reason, if they have them while in the country, many students buy a student health insurance plan to cover the cost of medical needs. In certain cases, it may be mandated by universities.

Student Visas

It may be necessary for students who travel to the country to obtain a student visa. You would need to get an acceptance letter from a university in which you are registered in order to receive it.

You would then need to find a nearby embassy from which to apply for the visa. This process will take some time, but by helping students to file their visa requirements, the schools themselves can help to minimize this time.

List of Cheap Universities in Libya for International Students

Affordable Public Universities in Libya

  • Academy of Graduate Studies
  • Al-Mergib University
  • Al Zawiya University
  • Azzaytuna University
  • The Higher Institute of Computer Technology
  • Libyan International Medical University
  • Misrata University
  • Omar Al-Mukhtar University
  • Open University of Libya
  • Sabha University
  • University of Benghazi
  • University of Tripoli

Cheap Private Universities in Libya

  • Al Rifaq university for Humanitarian and Applied Science – Tripoli City
  • Ibn Al Haytham Center for Technical Education and Scientific Research – Tripoli City
  • Libyan university for Humanitarian and Applied Science – Tajora City
  • Tripoli Community University – Tripoli
  • Tripoli Institute for Medical Sciences – Tripoli City
  • United Africa University – Zawia City
  • Libyan Institute for Advanced Studies
  • American University of Libya
  • Africa University for Humanitarian and Applied Science – Tripoli City

Low Tuition Public Technical Colleges

  • College of Administrative Sciences and Applied Finance – Tripoli
  • College of Computer Techniques – Tripoli
  • College of Computer Technology – Zawiya
  • College of Electronic Technology – Bani Walid
  • College of Electronic Technology – Tripoli
  • College of Electrical and Electronic Technology – Benghazi
  • College of Engineering Technology – Houn
  • College of Engineering Technology – Janzur
  • College of Industrial Technology – Masrath
  • College of Engineering Technology – Zuwarah
  • College of Mechanical Engineering Technology – Benghazi
  • College of Medical Technology – Derna
  • College of Medical Technology – Misurata
  • College of Structural Engineering – Msallata
  • College of Tourism and Hospitality – Tripoli
  • Technical College Of Civil Aviation & Meteorology – Esbea

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