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Atlantic International University Review – AIU Online; Tuition, Accreditation, Rankings and Programs

Last Updated on February 12, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

Are you a foreign student seeking information about AIU to help you decide if to study with this Online University? Search no more, this Atlantic International University Review is all encompassing. Find out accreditation, ranking, tuition fees, programs offered and how to apply for admission at AIU online.

About Atlantic International University – AIU

AIU is not like our day to day schools that you have to go for lectures in classroom blocks; self-paced programs are offered completely online unless there is need for you to appear in school depending on your course of study.

Self-paced in the sense that you can personalize your study schedules by choosing when you will be attending classes. Atlantic International University also offers open courses that are free and can be taken completely online.

Atlantic International University – AIU Accreditation

AIU online institution is accredited by the International Schools, Colleges and Universities Accreditation Service (ASIC).

ASIC Accreditation is popular all over the world as a mark of quality and standard when it comes to approving institutions or programs. ASIC is part of CHEA International Quality  Group  for approving colleges and Universities in USA (CIQG). This is a renown accreditation body approved by Ministerial Department of their home office in UK. If you check International Directory of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), you will see it.

AIU has no problem with accrediting bodies in USA and Hawaii State; it meets all conditions for acquiring and maintaining accreditation, and was established in 1998 by corporate charter.

Atlantic International University Ranking

AIU does not have any information on recent rankings, when it is available, I will update. That does not mean the online school is below standard.

Programs Offered by Atlantic International University

What makes AIU programs unique is that it is self-paced; meaning, you and your supervisor will sit and plan how you are going to be attending classes, take exams and submit paper works.

You can decided to take 4 years to finish a 2-year program, best known to you, but I think the earlier you finish, the better for you so that you can have a higher certificate and upgrade your career. This programs are very flexible, just take your time and study and pass well.

All students are not reading the same kind of books or doing the same modules even when they offer same program. Your program is individually tailor-made to suit your needs or career goals.

Certificate Programs

AIU certificate courses are offered in different fields of study and is aimed at training students to develop certain skills to help boost their career performance or personal business progress.  Depending on the position you hold in your company, your program will be made to be in line with skills required.

You will be trained on data interpretation and analytics skills to help you with your course work

One of their aims of offering certificate degree programs online is to train individuals to on how to study on their own, away from normal classroom guidance. This will speed up your adaptive ability to learn fast especially in times like this that self training and education is very important.

Before you are awarded, you have to proof you can carry out research on your own without much guidance by anyone, you have to also be able to present your opinion clearly and in a concise manner too; verbally and in writing.

Bachelor Degree Programs

Atlantic International University offers various bachelor programs in many disciplines, and it is very flexible and personalised.

You will be trained to interpret data, study on your own and gain the right skills needed for career advancement.

If you are able yo apply what you learn in solving real life problems, you will not feel scared when faced with workplace problems for the first time because you were already exposed to problem solving while doing your online program at AIU.

The only way you can be awarded this degree is to be able to interpret data, apply it in real world situations and also do verbal and written presentation of your project accurately.

Masters Degree Programs

Available Masters programs online in many fields of studies. These will be tailored to suit your needs as a professional.

The criteria for being awarded a Masters degree is higher than Bachelors; you need to do beyond comprehension, analysis and presentation. You have to show that you can do something original; you have to do original research (not some copied work), present it well and show how it can solve a real-world problem.

Doctorate Degree Programs
(DBA, DSc, PhD)

To me, if you reach this point you want to acquire knowledge that you can pass on to others. You can read more to find out what a PhD degree is all about.

You could be a lecturer, or someone of utmost importance in your organisation. This program is to prepare for advanced research works in your field, groundbreaking innovations, and training of other students under your qualification if you end up being a tutor.

You will be awarded the degree when you fulfill all righteousness. These include; comprehension, analysis, presentation and applications. You have to bring out a unique research idea, uncover significant findings and use it to solve problems when necessary.

Post Doctoral Degree Programs

This is just an advancement of Doctoral program modules. You are expected to meet same criteria in order to be awarded your degree at the end of your study period.

Associate Programs

These programs are designed like the rest so there is no need repeating all over again, just do your best to study and impress and you will be awarded at the end of your studies.

Free Online Courses at AIU

The free courses are marked open, meaning, it is accessible to all. This goes a long way to show that AIU founded their courses based on the human right act stating that education is a human right.

Since people now have the right to be informed, Atlantic International University takes it upon itself to make knowledge easily accessible to anyone interested in acquiring them.

It mission is in line with the Budapest Open Access Initiative and Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge  and Education. This is because knowledge is vital for growth and development of any society.

Tuition Fee and Other Information

For tuition fees, how to apply for admission and specific course requirements, please visit their official website  because these information can’t be revealed unless you submit a request form.

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