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Is it Free to Study in Spain as an International Student?

Is studying abroad in Spain free for international students? Do you need tuition free universities? Find out from this masterpiece put together to lead you through about studying abroad in Spain for free.

About studying in Spain

Spain recently has become a very popular study abroad destination for international students. It has some highly ranked public and private universities you can choose to study with. 

Many EU students prefer to study in Spain when they think of studying abroad in Europe. If you want a sensation nightlife, good sunshine or sangria, then you would want yo study abroad in Spain.

So many options exist, but in order not to confuse you, I will streamline to top institutions in Spain, how to achieve studying in Spain for free, cost of living and studying in Spain and the cheapest universities in Spain for international students.

How much does it cost to study in Spain?

Cost of studying in Spain for international students is very minimal compared to many European countries like Switzerland or France. It is equal for citizens and foreigners.

Since local governments set the limits for tuition fees in Spain, it is likely going to differ from one independent community to another.  Tuition is set based on credit units. Cost per credit unit ranges between 13 to 30 Euros;  if you are doing 60 credit units per session, you will multiply that amount by 60 and get your annual tuition fee in Spain. So it will give you between 750 to 2,100 Euros per year.

Unlike universities in the UK that can cost up to £9, 250 (€10, 268) per year to study. Universities in Spain are better than that and Spanish cities offer low cost of living.

Are there top ranking Universities in Spain?

About 39 institutions in Spain are represented in Times Higher Education rankings yearly. Below are top 5 of them;

  • Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona)
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • University of Barcelona
  • University of Navarra
  • Autonomous University of Madrid

Since Navarra University is private, it tuition can cost up to  €10, 500 – €12, 500 per year. You can choose any other one, those ones are public universities in Spain. They charge low tuition fees but a bit higher than the one stated above since they are top universities.

Have you now seen how cheap it can be to study in Spain as an international students. If you still want to study for free in Spain, we will still offer you options.

Where can I study very cheap in Spain?

If you need a much lower tuition cost as opposed to the ones stated earlier, these universities offer far less tuition programs than anyone ones you can ever think of. You can expect a non-compromise in academic standards as well.

  • University of Jaen – estimated tuition is €1, 000 per year.
  • Open University of Catalonia – €1, 500 per year.
  • University of Lleida – €1, 800 per year.
  • University of Valencia – €2, 760 per year.

I promise you will not regret studying in Spain in any of the afore-mentioned Universities. It is a very pleasant and affordable experience.

It is an opportunity to learn a new culture and even languages; Spanish and Valenciano are top languages spoken by natives of the country.

You can challenge yourself if you are extraordinary in academics; try and get a fully-funded scholarship or grants to fund your studies in Spain. I have many scholarship options, just go to menu above and click on scholarships for international students.

Note; This will help you study completely for free in Spain. Spanish Universities do not offer free tuition. Check below and see other European countries that offer free tuition instead, am really sorry dear.

How can I study for free in Spain at the tuition free universities in Spain for international students?

Even though it is not free to study in public universities in Spain, you can study at a very affordable rate or get any scholarship to support your funding. What am saying is that, do not let anyone deceive you, there are no tuition free universities in Spain for international students for now, I don’t know about the future.

Have you heard of student loans? You can find out if there are institutions that are willing to offer you a loan to study in Spain on good terms. You will work and refund during or after your program. Just read my guide by clicking on any of the links to know which type of student loan suits you.

Try and follow up on deadlines, read how to study abroad in Spain for more information on application and admission requirements.

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