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Review of Free Universities in Berlin with Links to Official Websites

Last Updated on May 31, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

I have taken time to review top and free universities in Berlin, Germany for international students. Find out all information you need to apply.

About Berlin

This federal capital city of Germany called Berlin is the largest and most populated city of the country. The city is additionally referred to as a hub of education and research. It has more than 30 research universities. We will provide an account of the tuition-free universities present in Berlin within the article below.

Why Study in Berlin?

Berlin is not only Germany’s capital, but also Europe’s in many ways, as it is located at the crossroads of East and West. Germany has the continent’s largest economy and the world’s fourth largest overall. It is a major participant in manufacturing, engineering, science, and renewable energy, and Berlin has just been named Europe’s start-up capital, surpassing London in the aftermath of the 2016 Brexit decision.

It’s a country known for its rich culture, internationally renowned festivals, breathtaking beauty, and stormy past. Because of its pivotal role in the political, economic, and cultural realms, Germany, particularly Berlin, is an appealing study abroad location.

Start-Up Capital of Europe

If you’re interested in technology and entrepreneurship, Berlin is said to be what Silicon Valley was in the 1990s. Even if you’re not a geek, living in a city with so much going on has its perks: events, networking, unusual study and co-working venues, emerging trends, and fascinating people to meet. You can even go a step further and intern at a company through programs like Corkscrew.

City of the Arts

Many people believe that Berlin’s booming arts and cultural sector, which allows for a blend of creativity and technology that fosters innovation, is one of the reasons for the city’s success as a startup magnet. More than 50 theaters, three opera houses, two symphony halls, and 150 museums are located across the city, many of which are free or low-cost to students. With so many exhibitions, galleries, shows, and activities to attend, finding time to stay in and study might be challenging.

Its Closeness to Nature

Berlin is a cosmopolitan metropolis surrounded by woods, lakes, parks, and rivers, making it one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world. If you’d rather spend your time outside or studying Karl Marx in a park than in a library, Berlin is the city for you. Berlin has more canals and bridges than Venice, which is an amusing fact!

Low Cost of Living

Despite being in Europe and the capital of one of the continent’s most prosperous countries, it is one of the most affordable cities in the world. On average, Berlin is five times less expensive than New York or London. A monthly budget of $600-800 may be sufficient for students studying abroad (depending on rent).

Its Vibrant Night Life

The nightlife in Berlin is legendary, and the city’s clubs are among the best in the world, with some staying open for three days on weekends. If you enjoy techno music, you’re in luck because Berlin is known for its cutting-edge DJs and deep house and techno scene. If you’re easily sidetracked, though, Berlin might be too much fun to meet your academic goals.

Easy to Get Around

Although Berlin is a vast city, it is well-connected by public transportation, which is free for students. You can also get a bicycle and live like a Berliner for a day. Fun fact: The trains in Berlin could go 16 times around the world per day! Getting about in your mother language is not an issue because English is widely spoken throughout the city.

Highly International

In addition to students, other North Americans, and EU members, Berlin is home to a sizable immigrant community from the Middle East and Turkey. As a result, anthropologists, sociologists, and international relations students should be aware of the clear linkages between global economics and local immigration policies.

Review of Top 5 Free Universities in Berlin, Germany

1. Humboldt University of Berlin

Located within the center of Berlin, the Humboldt University of Berlin may be a public research university. The university was established in 1809. The university is split into 9 faculties which supply undergraduate and graduate degrees and courses in additional than 190 disciplines. In addition, it also has a medical school.

Of recent, over 33,000 students are enrolled at the university from more than 150 countries of the world. The Humboldt University is legendary worldwide and is understood because the mother of all modern universities. It attracts students from all over the world.

The main reason why students prefer Humboldt University is due to free education. It is one among the tuition-free universities in Berlin. In addition to providing high-quality education without a tuition fee, the university also provides a stipend to the scholars in order that they will bear the value of living.

2. Free University of Berlin

The Free University of Berlin (also referred to as FU Berlin or FU) may be a public research university in Berlin. It was founded in 1948. The university has developed over a period of your time and is now considered one among the top-ranked universities in Germany.

This free uni of Berlin is famous for its high academic research activity. The university comprises of four campuses. Free University Berlin is having 4 faculties and a lot more than 12 schools at the moment, the university offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various fields ranging from medicine to law and natural sciences.

Free uni of Berlin is well known for its top programs in natural sciences, life sciences and social sciences. The university is considered Germany’s top university for research in social sciences. The university finds it place in ranking among top 100 universities worldwide as well as top 50 universities in the Europe.

The Free University of Berlin is one among the highest choice of international students willing to review in Berlin. It is because of the university being tuition-free. Like other universities, the Free University of Berlin also provides scholarships to the scholars in order that they will meet their expenses with none financial problem.

3. Technical University of Berlin

Technical University of Berlin (also referred to as Technical Institute of Berlin or TU Berlin) may be a public research university located in Berlin. This institute was founded in 1879 as an engineering university. The university is split into seven faculties which supply degree programs within the fields of engineering, life sciences, law and philosophy. The university is documented for its faculty of engineering and engineering programs especially engineering .

The university has contributed tons within the development of technology worldwide. It has been able to gain 10 Nobel prize laureates and various other research awards. The architecture programs of the university also are very famous worldwide. According to the QS ranking, it’s included among the highest 150 universities within the world.

Students from everywhere the planet come to hitch the Technical University of Berlin due to free education. These non-nationals are lucky to be afforded the opportunity to get high-quality education form this world-leading learning citadel without paying any tuition fee. It is also possible to apply for and get awarded a merit-based scholarship and research opportunity if you perform well at the university. Although Technical University of Berlin may be a free tuition university in Berlin, the scholars could also be required to pay some dues in terms of administration charges.

4. Berlin University of Arts

This school of Arts is one of the public schools in Berlin. It was established in 1696 and is considered the oldest and therefore the biggest conservatory in Europe. The university is split into four schools which supply degrees in art, architecture, music and style and fine arts. The Berlin University of Arts is understood worldwide for the highly skilled academic faculty.

The students with an interest in arts and architecture are admitted into the Berlin University of Arts from everywhere in the planet . It is because this tuition free university in Berlin provides high-quality education facilities to the scholars coming from everywhere the planet freed from cost. The students also are given annual scholarship by the university counting on their academic performance. The job offers are on the high side if you graduate from this school.

5. University of Potsdam

The Potsdam University is another Berlin-based public research university. It was founded in 1991. From now there are four campuses at the University of Potsdam. The university has five faculties. It offers diplomas in law, philosophy, humanities etc.

The university’s philosophy programs are well known. Variety of programs are offered by the university in English, especially the doctoral level degrees. It attracts students from all over the world. The university features a total of 20,000+ enrolled students from over 70 countries of the planet . It has quite 1900 highly qualified faculty members.

The school is the fifth university in our list of tuition-free universities. It also provides scholarships to the scholars, additionally to the school fee waiver.

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