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Study Abroad in Hong Kong – Cheap Universities in Hong Kong for International Students

Read this complete guide on how to study abroad in Hong Kong; we have a list of cheap universities in Hong Kong for international students, tuition fees, admission requirements and processing, cost of living and study visa application tips.

Education in Hong Kong

I hope you know that Hong Kong is a sovereign state under China; by that I mean it has it own level of democracy even when China oversees it affairs.

Universities in Hong Kong rank high although not very high in QS world university rankings every year. Many of their schools rank in top 300. In Times Higher Education World University Rankings, institutions in Hong are not left out of top 500 universities.

You can also work while studying or after studies in Hong Kong as there are many job opportunities.

If your reasons for studying abroad include employment or internship opportunities, good educational standards, presence of top universities or a booming economy, then Hong Kong might as well be your perfect study abroad destination.

Study Abroad; List of Universities in Hong Kong with Tuition Fees and Other Useful Information


How to Apply for Admission to Universities in Hong Kong

I have taken time to put down this step by step procedure for your application to study in Hong Kong; read and follow if you find it useful.

  • There is a list of cheapest universities in Hong Kong for foreign students like you, make a choice of university and visit their website for more information
  • Browse the school’s website and see if the school offers your desired program(s), find put course specific information like tuition fee, admission requirements, when to apply etc
  • Make yourself by confirming that your are eligible for admission into any school in the first instance
  • If your lingua franca is not the language they are using to teach your desired course, be ready to proof you can read and write using that language
  • Like I said before, note when to apply and also their admission requirements before applying for studies

Admission Requirements to Study Abroad in Hong Kong

Universities are responsible for the entry requirements they accept for each program; they have certain specific admission requirements you should find out from their website yourself. Any other thing will be in addition to the ones in this article. I am still going to list them below matter-of-factly;

  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • A passport photograph
  • Valid Id card
  • Proof of language proficiency etc

Study in Hong Kong – Tuition Fees in Hong Kong Schools

It might interest you to know that tuition fees alone can determine if an international student will settle for a particular school or country as a choice of study abroad destination. Some tuitions in certain prominent universities in top countries are pocket-unfriendly.

What is charged as tuition in Hong Kong varies depending on the university or program of study; an estimated amount of between US$11,500 – US$34,000 per year should be on your mind as an undergraduate student. It is possible to spend above that. Postgraduate students should expect a bit higher tuition fee than the ones above.

You choose to support your funding by applying for scholarships for international students to study in any country of their choice, if you are very brilliant, you will secure a fully-funded scholarship or even grant if you are less fortunate. Your school of choice might offer certain scholarships, find out from their website or contact them using the information on the website so that they can put you through.

If no scholarship is forth coming, you can check how to get a student loan to study abroad as a foreign student. These suggestions are applicable to students that need help with funding, if you are well to do, ignore them.

Study Abroad in Hong Kong; Cost of living in Hong Kong for International Students

It is no doubt that cost of living is high in some countries in North America or even Europe, but, Hong Kong is a great alternative to places like USA, UK, England, France etc. The table below includes cost of different items you will be paying for while living and studying in Hong Kong.

It is not only tuition fee a student should bother about, you need to know how much to set aside every month to cover for expenses. When you sum up the figures below, you will know how much you need to comfortably study abroad in Hong Kong as an international student.

These are estimates, you can spend higher or lower depending on self discipline and current economic development in the country.




Amount per year 


Tuition Fee (for non-local students)

Hong Kong Dollars (HK$)

HK$90,000 – HK$265,000

US Dollars (US$)

US$11,500 – US$34,000

– Hostel
– Rental for flat (with one bedroom)
HK$15,000 – HK$45,000
HK$96,000 – HK$180,000
US$1,900 – US$5,800
US$12,600 – US$23,000
Living expenses Approx. HK$50,000 Approx. US$6,400
Miscellaneous Approx. HK$15,000 Approx. US$1,900

Study Visa for Studying in Hong Kong

She you have secured admission to study in any of the universities in Hong Kong, it is time to apply for a student visa. No matter the program you at coming to do and how short it is, you must get a study permit. It is compulsory.  Find out study visa application requirements by reading this article.

The Immigration Department usually needs the following documents, however, depending on the particular circumstances, they can ask for others. Upon receipt of all the necessary documentation, it will usually take six weeks to process a visa or entry permit request for study – apply as far in advance as possible!

In addition, you are to provide;

  • Form ID995A filled and signed by you
  • Form ID995B filled and signed by your sponsor
  • Photocopy of your international passport

You can download the forms from your country’s embassy website or visit the embassy for hard copies. If there is no such embassy in your country, follow the next suggestion.

Your school of choice can help you with visa processing, just approach them about it.

List of Cheap Universities in Hong Kong for International students

  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • The University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
  • The Open University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Shue Yan University
  • Chu Hai College of Higher Education
  • Hang Seng Management College
  • City University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Lingnan University
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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