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Tuition Free Universities in Luxembourg For International Students – Apply

Last Updated on June 2, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

A full review of the tuition free universities in Luxembourg for international students; find out cost of living and how to apply, we have links to official universities’ websites.

Are you planning to study in English Language, you will be charged a token for your course to be offered in English, trust me this is far cheaper than what you can get anywhere else.

The only programs that are completely tuition free are taught in the country’s local dialect which are Luxembourgish, German, and French. Depending on your course of study, you will be required to pay an estimated amount of 400 to 800 euros per year on average; business or medical courses can be as high as 3000 to 5000 euros per year on average if offered in English language.

In order to apply, you need to know if you stand a chance of being admitted into any school in the first place by reading this guide on how to know if you can be admitted, after that, you check with your school of choice for specific course requirements, if you meet them, then write your study abroad application essay, CV, get letters of recommendation from your former lecturers, show proof of language proficiency or register for a pathway program.

After all is said and done, you can apply for admission. Be sure to check if your university of choice charges application fee from international applicants.

How to Apply for Admission to study Free or on a Low Tuition at Universities in Luxembourg

Since you are an international student, chances are, you might want to study your course in Luxembourg in English language or any language you know how to speak fluently and without having to waste time registering for a pathway program when you can get letter of attestation that you were previously taught in English language or any language of your competence; this is where you need to read our guide on  cheap universities in Luxembourg for international students, because you will be charged a little tuition fee if your course is completely  taught in English.

Cost of Living in Luxembourg for International Students

Living cost for international students in Luxembourg is very affordable compared to France and Switzerland. It is between an average of 800 to 1,080 Euros per month. This amount is an estimate which may increase or decrease due to a student’s spending habit and style of living. The cost of living should cover feeding, accommodation, transport, amenities etc.

You can work during the week in Luxembourg as a full-time student but not more than 40 hours in a week.

Admission Requirements at Tuition Free Universities in Luxembourg For International Students

I have given the general admission requirements in any school in any country, you have to find out your specific course requirements from your school’s website.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate studies at universities in Luxembourg

  • Your high school or senior secondary certificate
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency e.g. O’level Credit in Use of English, TOEFL or IELTS or any other language

For Graduate studies;

  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Transcripts showing all your courses and what your grades were
  • Proof of English language proficiency e.g. TOEFL or IELTS or a documented proof that your first degree was taught in English language can be accepted, or any other language

Review of Tuition Free Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

Below are the reviewed tuition free universities in Luxembourg for international students;

1. University of Luxembourg

U of Luxembourg is one of the Tuition Free Universities in Luxembourg For International Students. Following the passage of the Higher Education Act, the University of Luxembourg was established in 2003. It is the country’s only public university and was the result of four separate universities being combined. It replied to demands for Luxembourg to be economically reoriented. The University of Luxembourg is the one of the free universities in Luxembourg for foreign students, with a tuition fee of $200.

There are three departments and three interdisciplinary centers at the university. Many classes are taught in two languages, either in French and English, or in German and English. In the three languages, some classes are offered, while others are taught in English.

Applied Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Psychology, Animation, and Computer Science are among the courses offered at the university.

The university also provides the ability for students to relax and refocus outside of the classroom. This occurs in events that can be attended by the students. In order to encourage students to express themselves through art, workshops are also available. Moreover to keep the students physically fit and full of energy, the university has a notable campus sports program.

2. Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg

This is another of the tuition free universities in Luxembourg for international students. The Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg is a branch of the Fairfield Connecticut Sacred Heart University-Jack Welch College of Business and Technology. Founded in 1991, it is located in Luxembourg and provides MBA programs along with graduate certificates. It was named after General Electric’s former chairman and CEO, John Francis Welch Jr. or Jack Welch.

For its students, the college offers a part-time MBA, MBA with internships, and credential programs. These services are structured to address the needs of professionals around the world who are employed. In addition, short programs for executives wanting to develop their skills and step up in their company are also available.

When it was founded, the college was the first of its kind in Luxembourg. Since the college takes team building and networking seriously, students are able to engage in economic summits and site visits to develop their professional skills and knowledge.

3. Luxembourg School of Business

This is one of the Tuition Free Universities in Luxembourg For International Students. In order to provide high-quality business management education in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Luxembourg School of Business, another free university in Luxembourg, was founded in 2014. It was the first school of business to comply with the new legal structure set up in 2016. The school concentrated on improving the level of quality of education for business management.

This affordable school includes many MBA programs for seasoned practitioners, as well as advanced company training programs and individual programs. Weekend MBAs, Master of Management programs, and Executive education programs are included in these programs.

The school’s new campus is currently located on Rue Eugène Ruppert, Luxembourg. It will however, switch to its new location at the Château de Septfontaines by 2021, which is close to the city center. For the good of their respective businesses, this will allow the school to accept more students from different parts of the world to develop their management skills.

4. Business Science Institute

The Business Science Institute, an international institution that seeks to improve executive education around the world, concludes our list of the tuition free universities in Luxembourg for international students. It seeks to facilitate the personal and professional growth of managers and companies through high-quality international academic services. The institute also has campuses in Geneva, Dakar, North America, and Tunis, in addition to Luxembourg.

An Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program and a Digital Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program are offered by the institute. The purpose of these programs is to provide professionals and executives with the skills and knowledge they need to develop their companies or businesses.

The institute was founded to meet the demand for business managers who were searching for activities that they could take after the MBA. In order to respond to the needs of these executives and business managers, because the demand was global in scope, it was important to develop the software.

Luxembourg may be one of Europe’s smallest nations, but its education system can compete with the world’s best. For students looking to study abroad, this makes Gibraltar of the North a strong choice.

List of Tuition Free Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

Some of these schools can be termed as universities in Luxembourg without application fee because some of them do not charge application fees, just find out which ones do not charge among the listed ones below;

  • Luxembourg School of Business
  • European Institute of Public Administration ( EIPA )
  • University of Luxembourg
  • Miami University Dolibois European Center ( MUDEC )
  • Sacred Heart University Luxembourg


Feel free to share our article on the topic tuition free universities in Luxembourg for international students, read other related articles and make a choice.

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