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Full List of Cheap Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

Last Updated on May 31, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

This is a comprehensive guide with a complete list of cheapest university in Luxembourg for international students, tuition fees, the cost of living for international students in Luxembourg and how to apply for studies.

In order not to be disappointed, let me tell you straight up; you can study in Luxembourg on very cheap tuition if you follow our guided properly.

Note the schools mentioned, keep in mind the programs referred to and other opportunities that might interest as international student; which you can study on a free tuition in Luxembourg if you study in their local language(s).

Luxembourg is a very beautiful but small nation in the European continent, it is bounded by countries like France, Germany, and Belgium. International students are allowed to visit other countries without applying for a different visa because of it schengen agreement with other European Union countries.

You can work and study abroad in Luxembourg as an international student even if you are on a full-time nasi but just for 40 hours per week.

How to Apply to Study at Cheap Universities in Luxembourg

If you are studying in any of Luxembourg’s local languages, you won’t be charged any tuition fee but if otherwise, you will be charged a very cheap tuition fee for your program to be offered completely in English.

When you get to the school’s website, register your email address, after that, they will send a login link to your mail. You will click the link and confirm your mail before continuing with the online admission application.

Costs of Living in Luxembourg

International students can afford to live in Luxembourg if they budget about 750 to 1150 euros on a monthly basis. This will likely cover all transport fares, food, drinks, accommodation, airtime, electric bills and other expenses.

If you need to work to support yourself know that as a full-time student it is 40 hours per week that is permitted, if you are doing part-time, it will definitely be more than that.

Cost of Studying in Luxembourg

Cost of studying entails tuition fees and other school charges like semester fees, cost of textbooks and other study materials.

Tuition fee in Luxembourg depends on your program of study; you have to know that you can’t study medicine or business and pay tuition in the same range as any student studying music or science courses.

Tuition fee ranges between 400 to 5000 euros on average per year.

Study Visa for International Students

Students that are not EU countries’ nationals will have to apply for a study visa to study abroad in Luxembourg. Read the above article for interview questions and visa requirements.

Please confirm your home country’s visa requirements at the embassy.

List of Cheapest Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

Admission requirements for prospective students

Undergraduate admission requirement

  • Statement of purpose
  • A secondary/high school certificate
  • A Proficiency certificate in English/French/German

Postgraduate admission requirements

  • Statement of purpose
  • A relevant bachelor’s degree certificate

Doctorate admission requirements

  • A recognised master’s degree certificate is required
  • Thesis or statement of purpose

Language requirements for Studying at universities in Luxembourg

The major languages of instruction in Luxembourg are Luxembourgish, French, English and even German, but their local dialects include all except English.

This means that as an international student, if you are going to study in English, you must be ready to pay the cheap tuition fees charged for this. It can’t be more affordable el where if you ask me, Luxembourg is great for international students.

If you study in those other languages, you are sure of a free tuition but you will still be charged semester dues by your department every semester, it is usually about 40 to 70 euros.

Please try and find out other admission requirements not covered here from your school of choice directly.

In Luxembourg, are Universities Free?

Some classes are available free of charge at certain universities in Luxembourg, but they are taught in Luxembourgish, French or German. Tuition would have to be paid for by students who choose to participate in classes taught in English.

Review of Cheap Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

1. University of Luxembourg

  • General Tuition Fee: 200 EUR ($200 USD) to 400 EUR ($500 USD) per semester

Following the passage of the Higher Education Act, the University of Luxembourg was established in 2003. It is the country’s only public university and was the result of four separate universities being combined. It replied to demands for Luxembourg to be economically reoriented. The University of Luxembourg is the cheapest university in Luxembourg for international students, with a tuition fee of $200.

There are three departments and three interdisciplinary centers at the university. Many classes are taught in two languages, either in French and English, or in German and English. In the three languages, some classes are offered, while others are taught in English.

Applied Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Psychology, Animation, and Computer Science are among the courses offered at the university.

The university also provides the ability for students to relax and refocus outside of the classroom. This occurs in events that can be attended by the students. In order to encourage students to express themselves through art, workshops are also available. Moreover to keep the students physically fit and full of energy, the university has a notable campus sports program.

2. United Business Institutes

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: 10,800 EUR ($12,800 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: 21,800 EUR ($25,800 USD) per program

Founded in 1992, the United Business Institutes offers bachelor, master, and doctoral programs as a private institution for higher learning. Its co-founders, Mr. Francois d’Anethan and Mr. Lucien van Dievoet, opted to use a high-level business program to start a business school. Since British universities are considered to be benchmarks for higher education, British universities validated the programs of the institutes in 1998.

There are three campus sites for this cheap university in Luxembourg: Luxembourg, Brussels, and Shanghai. All three campuses provide their students with an immersive environment and give them a global perspective on their education. Its cross-border campuses provide students with a distinctive international edge.

Since the institute is predominantly a business school, it limits business degrees to its program offerings. Middlesex University validates these degrees and graduates earn a Middlesex certificate after they complete the degree.

The institute’s multicultural focus means that all students get to experience a special diversity that is not typically seen in other schools. The students are also encouraged to share their experiences and plan activities celebrating the institute’s diverse culture.

3. European Business University

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: 10,950 EUR ($13,000 USD) per program
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: 11,950 EUR ($14,100 USD) per program

The European Business University is a private higher learning institution for local and foreign students offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Accredited by BBI Luxembourg, after they complete a course, graduates from the university receive a BBI Luxembourg certificate.

All university programs are now accredited by ASBC, an accreditation body in the UK and the US. Business Management, Blockchain Technology and DLT, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Finance are the programs that the university offers.

In addition to their courses, the university’s students are expected to engage in Campus Week activities. These activities include forums and seminars aimed at building a community of fruitful relationships for professional development and future networking among students.

4. BBI Luxembourg

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    EU students – 9,950 EUR ($11,800 USD) per year, Non-EU students – 10,960 EUR ($13,000 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs; EU students – 10,950 EUR ($13,000 USD) per year, Non-EU students – 11,960 ($14,200 USD) EUR per year

Founded in 1990, BBI Luxembourg is one of cheapest universities in Luxembourg for international students with top academic performance and records. By partnering with the best hotel industries in the country and around the world, it has established its reputation. In addition, within the hospitality industry, the graduates of the school have been executives and consultants.

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in International Hospitality Management are offered by the university. Double degrees in Tourism Business Management and Tourism Management & Growth are also available. The degrees include a realistic, hands-on, and interdisciplinary learning approach. In addition, the program’s international structure ensures that its graduates in their field become creative and passionate.

The students are also given the opportunity in various hotels around the world to become interns. About 80 percent of the school’s students take their internships overseas. The students will be prepared for a career in the international hospitality industry with this international exposure.

5. Miami University Dolibois European Center

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: $12,977.04 USD per term

The Dolibois European Center of Miami University was founded in 1968. This came as the catchphrase was about taking their junior year abroad at American colleges and universities. Housed in the Castle of Differdange, it is the campus of the University of Miami, Luxembourg. The center was named after John E. Dolibois, a native of Luxembourg and an alumnus of the university.

The center’s students take classes at Miami University and earn credit from the university. Students are often motivated when it comes to their education by granting them freedom. Out-of-class coaching allows them to build in-class learning. In addition, the center’s software also offers both tangible and intangible results for them. All of these are part of the students’ own personal development.

The students also get to experience the culture of Luxembourg through homestays, apart from their academics. It immerses them in the culture and makes it possible for them to experience life in another world. In addition, events outside the classroom also give them the opportunity to learn more about the world.

6. Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg

  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs:
    29,000 EUR ($34,300 USD) to 39,000 EUR ($46,200 USD) per program

The Sacred Heart University, Luxembourg is another cheapest university in Luxembourg, and is a branch of the Fairfield Connecticut Sacred Heart University-Jack Welch College of Business and Technology. Founded in 1991, it is located in Luxembourg and provides MBA programs along with graduate certificates. It was named after General Electric’s former chairman and CEO, John Francis Welch Jr. or Jack Welch.

For its students, the college offers a part-time MBA, MBA with internships, and certificate programs. These services are structured to address the needs of professionals around the world who are employed. In addition, short programs for executives wanting to develop their skills and step up in their company are also available.

When it was founded, the college was the first of its kind in Luxembourg. Since the college takes team building and networking seriously, students are able to engage in economic summits and site visits to develop their professional skills and knowledge.

7. Luxembourg School of Business

  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: 30,000 EUR ($35,500 USD) per program

In order to provide high-quality business management education in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Luxembourg School of Business, another affordable university in Luxembourg, was founded in 2014. It was the first school of business to comply with the new legal structure set up in 2016. The school concentrated on improving the level of quality of education for business management.

This affordable school includes many MBA programs for seasoned practitioners, as well as advanced company training programs and individual programs. Weekend MBAs, Master of Management programs, and Executive education programs are included in these programs.

The school’s new campus is currently located on Rue Eugène Ruppert, Luxembourg. It will however, switch to its new location at the Château de Septfontaines by 2021, which is close to the city center. For the good of their respective businesses, this will allow the school to accept more students from different parts of the world to develop their management skills.

8. Business Science Institute

  • Tuition Fee For Executive DBA Programs: 23,433 EUR ($27,700 USD) per program
  • Tuition Fee for Digital DBA Programs: 25,000 EUR ($29,600 USD) per program

The Business Science Institute, an international institution that seeks to improve executive education around the world, concludes our list of the cheapest universities in Luxembourg. It seeks to facilitate the personal and professional growth of managers and companies through high-quality international academic services. The institute also has campuses in Geneva, Dakar, North America, and Tunis, in addition to Luxembourg.

An Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program and a Digital Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program are offered by the institute. The purpose of these programs is to provide professionals and executives with the skills and knowledge they need to develop their companies or businesses.

The institute was founded to meet the demand for business managers who were searching for activities that they could take after the MBA. In order to respond to the needs of these executives and business managers, because the demand was global in scope, it was important to develop the software.

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