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Low Tuition Universities in Brunei with Tuition Fees

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

Study in Brunei; See the cheapest universities in Brunei for international students, tuition fees, cost of living, how to apply and helpful tips. Studying in Brunei Darussalam brings a foreign student to the tropical island of Borneo in the South China Sea of Southeast Asia.

The western boundary of Brunei is formed by one hundred miles of shoreline, while the rest is surrounded by the nation of Malaysia.

In fact, Malaysian lands divide Brunei into two distinct, unconnected areas. These two different regions are divided into four districts, and 38 mukims are further subdivided. In just 15 of these mukims, about 90 percent of the Brunei population lives.

Facts About Brunei

Brunei has a complete Islamic government using a legal structure fashioned from that of common British law. In English, its laws are written.

Nevertheless, Islamic Sharia law takes precedence over British common law in some cases. With long jail terms and caning as punishment, law enforcement can be harsh.

Brunei loves its vehicles, where every 209 people has one privately owned vehicle. Students from the US can find that fuel is around half the price they pay statewide in Brunei.

Cost of Living in Brunei for International Students

Brunei’s currency is known as the Brunei Dollar. It is currently being traded for approximately 0.72 US dollars, although this amount continues to change. This exchange rate is a result of the country’s high standard of living.

The cost of living in the country depends on the place you live and your personal lifestyle when studying. Ninety percent of the country’s GDP comes from natural gas and crude oil.

In the world, Brunei is the #9 largest exporter of natural gas. The remaining 10% of its GDP is derived from its indigenous population’s international and domestic entrepreneurship, government legislation, and products from traditional village crafts.

For Brunei, where 60% of the nation’s food is imported, imports are significant. Farm goods, including poultry, as well as automobiles and electronic equipment are other imports.

Health Insurance for Studying in Brunei

Upon enrolment, all foreign students must have evidence of health insurance. During the student’s entire study term, health insurance coverage must be in place.

Student Visa for Study Abroad in Brunei

Check with the embassy of your homeland for assistance in obtaining a Brunei study visa. Three full sets of application forms and approved copies of academic certification must be submitted by a foreign student in addition to the travel authorisation. The University of Brunei Darussalam has a deadline of late March for these documents to be submitted.

Before a study visa is issued, all foreign students must apply the following;

  • A passport that is valid
  • Proof of adequate funds for a minimum of one year
  • Admission letter from the university you got admission
  • Certificate of qualifications from your former school
    A medical clearance certificate
  • health insurance policy

Tuition Fees for Study in Brunei

Although most of Brunei’s universities are funded by the government, international students still have to pay tuition. The tuition ranges from one to the next university. Tuition is often influenced by the course of study and the study period.

In the Brunei Institute of Technology, for example, undergraduate degree programs cost between $1,426 and $1,782 (us dollars) per semester. The tuition fee offered by University of Brunei is estimated to be 3,000B$/year for arts and humanities programs; 9,000B$ for engineering courses; and B$40,000 for dentistry for undergraduates, while Masters Programs are around $3,200 in the same institution.

The tuition fee does not include fines and miscellaneous charges for other on-campus housing.

How to Apply for Admission to Universities in Brunei

It is not enough to have ample funds to be admitted to study in Brunei, one must be a high academic success. International students with prior academic records are scrutinized to ensure that they meet the necessary requirements.

Students selected must also pass an entrance exam relevant to the course of study chosen. In addition, a series of interviews may be performed before final approval for admission is granted.

Both of these are to ensure that universities end up with only the best and the brightest.

Visit the university’s website for all the necessary details to obtain the basic admission criteria for each university.

Study in Brunei; Cheap Universities in Brunei for International Students

Public Universities in Brunei

  • University of Brunei Darussalam
  • Brunei Technological University
  • Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University
  • Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College
  • Institute of Brunei Technical Education

Private Universities in Brunei

  • Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology
  • Kemuda Institute
  • International Graduate Studies College
  • Micronet International College
  • Bicpa-Ftms Accountancy Academy
  • Laksamana College of Business

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