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Online MBA No Bachelors Required; FAQ Answered

Last Updated on July 4, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

It is currently possible to do your MBA even when you do not have a Bachelors degree. You will get to know ways of studying your online MBA no Bachelors required, we have great tips to guide you. List of universities offering such MBA option is made available, happy reading!

Studying MBA is a bit stressful but it is a very rewarding postgraduate program. Some people still think that to do your MBA, you must have a first degree and it has to be in a relevant field.

Hello, you need to wake up if you still reason like this; some MBA programs are offered to some students who do not have first degree but meet other requirements, we will look into that later.

According to representatives of some universities i consulted, they can accept a degree in any field so far you meet other relevant admission requirements.

Online MBA No Bachelors, all you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is it Possible to do MBA without Bachelors?

The reason some people apply to do MBA when they do not have degree is because they now see the need to add an academic qualification to their CV or they have the money to go to school but there is limited time, so they have to get a masters degree at once. This is now a possibility unlike before.

You can study MBA without undergraduate degree, just make sure to have the necessary requirements to gain exemption from this one. Some applicants require MBA to take a bold step in career advancement or just because they want to venture into business.

What is GMAT exam?

GMAT is an abbreviation for Graduate Management Assessment Test. You take this test when you want to study MBA especially if you do not have a business undergraduate degree. Tips to prepare you for any exam.

What is the nature of online MBA program?

It is more practical than theoretical because of it real life simulations. MBA is a program that needs on the job training as well for you to get acquainted with what it is like to manage a real life business project. It is a professional program.

If you are studying MBA, most schools that know what is obtainable are going to include internship training in your course curriculum, you have to do it before you graduate.

Since MBA is a special degree that caters for other degrees, it is not out of place to see an engineer doing management. You have to manage so many things in life properly to achieve success, even proper self management is a must.

Many students doing MBA, that do not possess a first degree in a management course, are made to take out a little time and get acquainted with the basics of management science. It can be for 6 months before you start your main program, it is called a pathway program.

How to achieve an MBA without Bachelors

Anybody that does not fulfill the requirement of having a first degree in order to qualify to do Masters, must meet certain other requirements in full before being considered for admission.

Tips on getting your Masters in any field at all without an undergraduate degree;

1. Use you work experience

If you are working, it makes it interesting; why not let the school know what position or capacity you fill in your company if it is in line with the course you want to study. It is a very big advantage.

Some MBA programs specify 2 to 3 years or 5 to 10 years experience. Just go for programs that permit the years of experience you have.

2. Consider enrolling for a pathway program

Since you do not have a degree, try taking a pathway program offered by the school you are interested in. Once you do your pathway program, and pass well, you will likely be offered admission. Some schools call it foundation programs or graduate diplomas, do not be confused, they mean the same thing.

3. Take the GMAT test

As an international student wanting to study a business degree abroad, what should come to mind is the GMAT. You have to start preparing early in order to avoid hasty maneuvering when you are left with little time. Some universities expect a score that is good enough, just find out what your school requires.

Some important MBA specializations in different fields include;

These programs are offered at Southern Cross University via Online programs platform. Other Universities do offer MBA in different specialized fields too, in case you want to study business in law or engineering.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Healthcare Leadership
  • Master of Engineering Management
  • Master of Information Technology Management
  • Master of Business Law
  • Master of Laws (Business Law)
  • Master of Project Management

Ways to study MBA with no Bachelors

Since we now know that it is possible to do MBA without Bachelors, let us look at ways that such programs are being offered by different schools.

MBA without Bachelors are usually offered Online

There are certain things to consider before choosing any online program, please read my guide by following the link. The program can be part-time or full-time depending on the school but I can assure you that most schools prefer on a part-time basis to give you time to study and continue working.

Blended Learning is possible

Many MBA programs without Bachelors offer the blended learning option. They expect you to make certain trips to campus either to write examination or attain certain classes or even to defend your project. Blended learning is the act of allowing a student to study both online and on-campus irrespective of the program being full-time or part-time.

How to Apply for Admission

First you have to inquire from any of the schools you are interested in to know you stand regarding being eligible for admission; after you have done that, someone from the school will guide you properly every step of the way.

But in case you do not have the time to apply on your own, there are study abroad consultants that can help you out, just that you will have to pay a token for their services. If you need a guide on how to apply for admission to study abroad, read this one.

Finally, some universities accept application fee from international students while some do not; read the recommended articles to know what to expect.

Universities Offering MBA without Bachelors

  • The Open University India
  • Durham University Online Business School
  • Edinburgh Business School Online MBA
  • University of Chicago Online Business School
  • Southern Cross University Online Programs Australia
  • York MBA- St John University

Visit the schools’ websites to find out more details!

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