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Parapsychology Degree Online – Bachelors, Masters and PhD

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I wouldn’t hesitate to lead you on to discover the best parapsychology degree online programs; Masters, Bachelors and PhD. Find out information like tuition and schools offering this great course.

What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology is one of the most contentious and ridiculed disciplines of psychology, involving the study of interactions that appear to defy the physical rules of nature. Parapsychology is described by the Parapsychological Association as the “scientific and scholarly study of the unexpected events linked with human experience that show the tight subjective/objective distinction may not be as clear-cut as formerly thought.”

Although the field is often ridiculed, parapsychology intrigues many individuals to describe things above and beyond what is considered normal in general scientific thinking. The following is a comprehensive review of the fascinating area of parapsychology if you’re interested in learning more about the scientific study of phenomena outside the scope of regular science.

Short History of Parapsychology

Parapsychology was originally called psychic research and was first established as a scientific field of interest in the latter half of the 19th century due to continuous paranoia and spiritualism. The first American Society of Psychological Research (ASPR) was opened in Boston in 1885 due to the welcoming support of the well-known psychologist William James.

Stanford University’s laboratories conducted the first academic experiments on extrasensory perception and psychokinesis in 1911. Finally, in the middle of the 20th century, J. B. Rheine coined and popularized the word “parapsychology” worldwide. Although parapsychological research has declined considerably over the turn of the century, it is still present in about 30 countries and the increasing popularity of the related transpersonal psychology has increased.

Major Areas of Study in Parapsychology

Unlike common opinion, parapsychology is not interested in investigating strange phenomena or fringe issues such as astrology, witchcraft, alchemy, vampires, aliens, paganism, or the search for Bigfoot. While some parapsychologists relate their research with hauntings and poltergeists, the great majority of parapsychologists focus on the larger study of consciousness and the mind in order to assess human talents that are outside the usual range.

Usually, Parapsychologists are interested in putting to the test a wide range of alleged human skills that have never been scientifically validated in order to obtain empirically backed research findings to justify their existence.

Telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, and survival studies are the five major broad areas of relevance in parapsychology. Telepathy is defined as a form of mind-to-mind communication between two people that does not include the use of voice. Clairvoyance is the ability to see objects, events, qualities, or individuals that are hidden from view due to the passage of time or space. Precognition, often known as foresight, is the knowledge of a future occurrence that has not yet transpired in the present.

The interaction of the mind with matter at a distance, including the ability to move stuffs with the mind, is known as psychokinesis. Finally, reincarnation, near-death experiences, and apparitions all involve the awareness surviving the bodily form.

There are unfortunately no accredited institutions in the United States that offer a graduate option in parapsychology for those interested in carrying out research on these phenomena. Aspiring parapsychologists are, however, encouraged by the recognized Rhine Professional Education Center to take a Ph.D. in psychology and to complement learning with specialist training. You will therefore have a solid understanding of the research methods needed to study parapsychological subjective anomalies.

Parapsychology Degree Online – Bachelors

Parapsychology Degree Online - Bachelors, Masters and PhD

Bircham International University

Bachelor’s Degree – Parapsychology Online

Tuition Fee

Min. 3,510 Euros (4,420 US$), Max. 6,800 Euros (8,700 US$).

Credit Requirement

For this distance learning program, 130 academic credits are required.


Distance study Parapsychology = 42 academic credits + 60 general education credits (may be transferred from prior training or professional experience) + Other courses in the Faculty of Psychology at Bircham International University may be selected as necessary from other modules. The Distance Learning University Education Board shall approve this selection. E.g. mythology and occultism.

Parapsychology Degree Online – Masters Programs

1 Coventry University

Master of Science in Parapsychology

Entry Requirements

A strong background in the psychology or social sciences is required. Applicants with additional degrees, such as Physics, Philosophy, can be considered for merit.

Internet access is required because of the delivery of this course online.

Course Description

Examining the existence of life after death and psychic powers is a topic that many people are interested in.

The online Parapsychology MSc provides a complete empirical, theoretical, and methodological introduction to the controversial topic of parapsychology. The course is totally online and is based on current staff parapsychology research and teaching skills at the Psychology Department.

Graduates of this program will be well prepared to pursue PhD research jobs in academic parapsychology.

Those pursuing a PhD in parapsychology and seeking a complete understanding of the knowledge and abilities required for more advanced study of parapsychology can consider the parapsychology MSc.

Areas of concentration will include:

  • History and Philosophy of Parapsychology
  • Research Methods in Parapsychology
  • Anomalous Experiences
  • Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis Research
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Studies of Evidence for Survival of Bodily Death – eg apparitions, reincarnation, cases of possession
  • A dissertation based on empirical research

2 Bircham International University

Master’s Degree – Parapsychology Online

Tuition Fee

Min. 4,680 Euros (6,120 US$), Max. 7,020 Euros (9,180 US$).

Credit Requirement

This distance learning degree program requires 36 to 54 academic credits.


Further training courses can be chosen from other modules of the faculty of psychology of the International University of Bircham if required, by means of distance learning = 42 university credits. The Distance Learning University Education Board must accept this choice. + 13 Academic credits (Research methods and final project or thesis, for example).

PhD and Diploma in Parapsychology Degree Online

Bircham International University

Specialist – Expert Diploma – Parapsychology Online

Tuition Fee

1,050 Euros (1,350 US$) to 1,470 Euros (1,890 US$).

Credit Requirement

15 – 21 Academic credits necessary for this online learning degree program.


Parapsychological studies via distance learning = 42 Academic credits — Choose from the overall Specialization Module classes five online Specialist Diploma or seven Expert Diploma courses.

Bircham International University

Doctor Ph.D. Degree – Parapsychology Online

Tuition Fee

Min. 5,850 Euros (7,650 US$), Max. 9,360 Euros (12,240 US$).

Credit Requirements

For this distance learning program, 45 to 72 academic credits are required.


Further training courses can be chosen from other modules of the faculty of psychology of the International University of Bircham if required, by means of distance learning = 42 university credits. The Distance Learning University Education Board shall approve this selection. +18 academic credits (Methodologies and final projects, thesis). For example: Mythology & occultism.

Up to 36 monthly installments are available on request.

Recommended Professional Bodies to Join

The best way to become an updated professional is to join the right association.

Graduates of Bircham International University can join a number of professional associations. According to the degree program, specialization and resume of the students, the membership requirements for every Association could vary. In all instances, BIU cannot ensure membership. In such procedures, BIU does not intermediate. A list of members and professional references available from each faculties in which BIU graduates may be part of the Bircham International University. Contact those you select directly.

  • AAI – Association Alpha International
  • ABPCM – Associação Brasileira de Parapsicologia eCiências da Mente
  • AIP – American Institute of Parapsychology
  • AIPA – Asociación Iberoamericana de Parapsicología
  • CEPPI – Centre d’Etudes Parapsychologiques et des Phénomènes Inexpliqués
  • EHEN – Exceptional Human Experience Network
  • Eternea – Science & Spirituality for Transformation
  • GCP – Global Consciousness Project
  • GERP – Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche en Parapsychologie
  • IANDS – International Association of Near Death Studies
  • IASD – International Association for the Study of Dreams
  • ICRL – International Consciousness Research Laboratories
  • Info-Psi – Information en Parapsychologie
  • ISP – International Society for Psychophysics
  • LFR – Laboratories for Fundamental Research
  • NDERF – Near Death Experience Research Foundation
  • PF – Parapsychology Foundation
  • PSI – Parapsychological Skeptical Investigations
  • RRC – Rhine Research Center
  • SEAMP – Sociedad Española de Amigos del Misterio y la Parapsicología
  • SEIP – Sociedad Española de Investigaciones Parapsicológicas
  • SGI – Sociedade Gnóstica Internacional
  • SPR – Society for Psychical Research
  • SSE – Society for Scientific Exploration
  • TPA – The Parapsychological Association
  • WRC – Windbridge Research Center

Admission Requirements – Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Parapsychology Degree Online at Bircham

You must submit a full, dated, and signed formal application to receive official admission to Bircham Distance Education College. This application form can be downloaded from the website or requested by email or by mail. This application and the documents contained in it should be sent to our address. The application and attached documents can also be submitted by email in a PDF format.

After receiving your full application for admission, Bircham International University issues an admission certificate. This paper shows the amount of credits transferred and validated from past education and experience, and the amount of credits needed to complete the major programs for distance learning. This assessment cannot be conducted by Bircham University without a complete admission application.

Method of Instruction at Bircham Intl.

A traditional method for correspondence education completes this distance learning program. Upon registration, you will receive the suggested textbooks from Bircham International University (to your mailing address). You will have to write a 20 – 35-page report after reading the book, which reflects your comprehension of the book. This report is the same as the test and can be sent via email or mail. Your written work is assessed by Bircham International University. If approved, the appropriate BIU diploma will be issued. Read our Distance Learning Guide for further instructions on BIU pedagogy, tutoring and evaluation.

Students enrolling into this distance education program should be aware that;

1. Location; The International University of Bircham needs a functional geographic location in order to ship books and materials to carry out this study program.
2. The communication of Bircham University; Email, courier, telephone are the key communication tools that play a significant role in advancing the study program and in supporting it.
3. Capabilities; Any impediment in reading a book and writing a report must be communicated before registering in this distance learning program by Bircham International University.
4. Technology; This distance education program does not require any specific technology.
5. Language; Before enrolling in any distance learning program, you must request (and have approved by BIU) book reading and report writing in a language other than English.
6. Discrimination; race, color, gender, belief or religion are not discriminated against.
7. Age; Check requirements for admission for each Distance Learning Program.

Duration of Parapsychology Degree Online Programs at Bircham

An estimated 21-credit program will take 21 weeks to complete. It is estimated that 45 credits will take an estimated 45 weeks to complete. These are approximate calculations. The distance learning program takes an average of 15 hours a week to calculate the duration of each program. It also depends on the number of previously validated credits and the level of commitment to the studies.

Parapsychology Degree Online – FAQ

What Do Parapsychologists Study?

The majority of parapsychologists focus their research on the broader study of consciousness and the mind in order to evaluate human talents that are outside of the norm.

Parapsychologists are typically interested in putting a wide range of supposed human abilities to the test that have never been scientifically tested in order to gain empirically supported research findings to back up their claims.

What are some of the most common objections and responses to parapsychology? Many individuals are uneasy about the concept of parapsychology because of highly unscientific media coverage and popular entertainment.

Contrary to popular belief, parapsychology isn’t interested in unusual phenomena or fringe topics like astrology, witchcraft, alchemy, vampires, aliens, paganism, or the search for Bigfoot.

Can You Get a Degree In Parapsychology?

Although parapsychology degrees are available in other countries, they are not offered in the United States. Studying traditional psychology with a parapsychology specialization, studying overseas in the United States, or receiving parapsychology degrees online are all options.

Bachelor’s Degree

There are presently no bachelor’s degrees in parapsychology studies available in the United States. Instead, look for an undergraduate institution that offers a psychology major with a parapsychology minor.

Master’s Degree

After receiving your bachelor’s degree, you may want to continue your education and pursue a master’s degree. There are no universities in the United States that provide a master’s degree in parapsychology, just as there are no institutions that offer a bachelor’s degree in parapsychology. A master’s degree in psychology, on the other hand, is an option.

Online Degree

There are several online parapsychology programs to choose from. The majority of these programs provide a certificate or diploma upon completion.

Ph.D. In parapsychology

The first step in becoming a practicing parapsychologist is to get a Ph.D. in parapsychology, however there aren’t many parapsychology programs at reputable universities. The next best choice is to get a Ph.D. in psychology.
A Ph.D. in psychology will equip you with the mental insights you’ll need to investigate paranormal mental phenomena as well as the excellent research skills you’ll need to obtain reliable confirmation.

Parapsychologist Jobs & Careers

It’s difficult to receive a parapsychology training, but finding job in the field is practically impossible. Parapsychology is a small and specialized field. If you do manage to find work, it will almost certainly be in academic research at one of the universities or at one of the few private research centers. Funding for parapsychology has decreased dramatically during the previous few decades. In the United States, it peaked in the 1970s, when the establishment got disillusioned with the lack of progress and moved money elsewhere.

To pay for your parapsychology studies, you’ll most likely have to work part-time in a traditional scientific field. Your best chance for success is to have a quality degree backed up by a post-graduate degree from a renowned university. If you can build a network of contacts, that will help you a lot. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a job that’s interesting!

How to Get a Parapsychology Degree Online

If you wish to work as a parapsychologist, you’ll need to enroll in a parapsychology program. You can enroll in any of the following schools;

University of Duke

Since 1930, Duke University has been a leader in the science of parapsychology. The Rhine Center at Duke now provides online classes and certificates for those interested in studying ESP, psychic aptitude, or parapsychology. The Rhine Center’s mission is to learn more about consciousness and to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

Some of the scientific topics covered at the Rhine Center include ESP training, various types of healing energy, and psychokinesis. The Rhine Center maintains a large repository of parapsychology books. Special events and weekly discussions are held on campus to bring attention to shifts in human consciousness.

University Of California, Santa Barbara

The University of California, Santa Barbara’s Theoretical and Applied NeuroCasuality Laboratory is a privately funded research institution. In the lab, which is based in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, students can serve as interns or voluntary participants in studies. The application of psychology and theoretical physics to the study of precognition is being studied. Scientists are conducting experiments on intuition, foresight, and the nature of time.

Edgar Cayce’s Atlantic University

Atlantic University is a recognized online education institution founded by Edgar Cayce, the famed clairvoyant. Both the transpersonal psychology and mindful leadership master’s degree programs can be completed in under three years. The curriculum covers topics such as the nature of reality, body-spirit-mind integration, dream analysis, life beyond death, and consciousness beyond the five senses.

At Atlantic University, the certificate program in integrated imagery, regression hypnosis, and mindfulness takes around a year and a half to finish. Students at Virginia Beach practice regression hypnosis techniques both online and in the classroom. Regression hypnosis, according to the school’s website, can be used to assist people achieve an altered state of consciousness and heal past psychological traumas.

University of Philosophical Research

UPR, which is situated in Los Angeles, offers a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies as well as master’s degrees in consciousness studies and transformational psychology. Interdisciplinary graduate degrees require 54 credits of psychology, religion, and philosophy coursework.

Students use a variety of concepts and ideologies to study the nature of the cosmos and the parameters of reality. Just a few examples include relativity theory, quantum mechanics, transcendentalism, dream symbolism, worlds of magic, tarot cards, and alchemy.

Alef Trust Organization

Alef Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization that offers online courses and degrees. Students can attend personal development classes or pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in transpersonal psychology through a graduate program. Among the themes covered in classes are aesthetics, shamanic healing, indigenous beliefs, and mystical activities.

For other schools offering parapsychology degree online, follow here.

Conclusion on Parapsychology Degree Online

Make a choice already about which of the Parapsychology Degree Online program you would like to do and at which school. Please help us share this guide.

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