Study Abroad in Luxembourg With their Top, Affordable or Free Tuition Universities

We are going to look at where you can study abroad in Luxembourg, low tuition universities in Luxembourg for international students, cost of studying and living in Luxembourg, visa requirements, admission requirements etc.

About Luxembourg

Luxembourg is home to just over 602,000 people. Only just more than half of this population is made up of Luxembourgers, making the country very welcoming to international students. It is headed by the world’s only remaining grand duchy, Grand Duke Henri.

A small landlocked country in western Europe, Luxembourg is a political powerhouse. Its capital is one of the three official capitals of the European Union, as well as being the seat of the European Court of Justice.

If you choose Luxembourg as a study abroad destination, you will have an exciting higher education experience in one of the smallest independent nations in Europe.

Why Study in Luxembourg?

The history of Luxembourg makes us to understand why the country has so many local dialects which include German, French and Luxembourgish. It is a founding father of the European Union, their invasion during second world war gave way to multiple local dialects being widely spoken in the country. It culture  and other national features are highly influenced by their neighbours. Luxembourg is very serene, beautiful, and accommodating to foreign students. Their admission process is very easy for students too.

Cost of Studying and Living in Luxembourg

Euro is the generally accepted local currency.

You should expect to pay a tuition of about 400 to 800 euros per year for normal academic programs but for specialized programs like medicine or business, you need to budget about 3000 to 5000 euros per year, especially in government universities.

Tuition fees are higher in private schools and also if your course is completely delivered in English. Some business schools can charge tuition of about €16,500 per year.

Living inside school is advisable if you are an international student, it is cost-effective. You need to lower your cost of living to the nearest minimum. Cities in Luxembourg are very affordable, you should expect to spend about and €500 per month on average.

Admission Requirements

Each school has their unique course requirements, but I will outline generally accepted admission requirements anywhere. Confirm from your school, whatever remains.

Undergraduate Entry Requirements

  • Senior Secondary or high School Leaving Certificate
  • Evidence of language proficiency, e.g. O’level Credit in Use of English, TOEFL or IELTS.

Graduate Entry Requirements

  • First degree certificate
  • Transcripts showing all courses and grades
  • Proof of English language proficiency, e.g. TOEFL or IELTS or written attestation from your former school

Student Visa for Study Abroad in Luxembourg

Any international student not from EU nations must apply and get the study visa so as to be able to study abroad in Luxembourg.

Student Visa Requirements for a Study Abroad in Luxembourg

I have outlined some of the popular required documents that should be in your possession be you apply for a study, find out the rest at your home consulate.

  • a valid international passport
  • printed application form
  • two passport photographs.
  • Evidence of accommodation in Luxembourg.
  • Financial sufficiency proof
  • A letter of admission
  • Police clearance report
  • Medical fitness report from a government hospital in your country
  • Health insurance policy

Required Languages to Study Abroad in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, students study in 3 languages, meaning your course can be offered partially in any of their local dialects, if you want to study in English language, search for such courses and apply for them.

programs in Luxembourg are delivered mainly in 2 languages. They can combine French/English, French/German or English/German. Any language you choose to study in, you must proof you can speak and write in it. Or you enroll for a pathway program in that school be for you can be allowed to study your course.

How to Apply

Find out your school’s specific admission requirements and be sure you are not found wanting before you apply, if not, you might not stand a chance of being admitted to study abroad in Luxembourg.

Their application is mainly online and you only need to open account with the school using your active email, they will send a link to that your mail, do well to follow it and apply accordingly.

List of Top, Affordable and Free Tuition Universities in Luxembourg for International Students with Tuition Fees Ranging from 400 – 800 Euros per Year

  • University of Luxembourg
  • Luxembourg School of Business
  • Sacred Heart University Luxembourg
  • European Institute of Public Administration ( EIPA )
  • Miami University Dolibois European Center ( MUDEC )

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