Universities and Colleges in Denmark with Low Tuition Fees for International Students

You do not need to overspend trying to study abroad; there are several colleges and universities in Denmark with cheap tuition fees for international students.

We are going to see how much is needed to study and live in Denmark, list of low tuition colleges and universities in Denmark and admission processing.

About Denmark

This is a country in Europe that has also chosen to make international studies affordable for foreign students. There are lots of cheap universities and colleges in Denmark for international students, just visit their website for more information in case you are not satisfied.

Their schools being affordable does not compromise the standard of education in the country. It offers diverse study abroad programs; both research oriented and taught programs.

Study Abroad at Cheap Colleges in Denmark – Tuition Fees

You can study free in Denmark if you are a student from a European Union country, students under exchange agreements or doing exchange programs are also eligible.

Tuition fee depends on the program or university of choice. Estimated tuition fee is between 6,000 to 15,000 euros per year.

You can also be exempted from tuition fee payment if you satisfy the following conditions;

  • Permanent residence permit in Denmark
  • Temporary residence permit which can be changed to a permanent one
  • Parent from a non-EU/EEA country who is already working in Denmark

Study at Affordable Universities in Denmark – Cost of Living

Both tuition fee and cost of living in Denmark are more than most European countries. Big cities like Copenhagen are even more expensive and out of reach for below average students.

Budget between 700 to 1,000 Euros every month to take care of accommodation, transport, utility bills, books, and foodstuffs.

Living cost in minor cities are more affordable, try and settle there to study in Denmark.

Study in Denmark at Cheap Tuition Universities and Colleges – How to Apply

You need to apply through the Danish consulate in your country or via the university’s website. Please consult your chosen institution for their guide on how to apply.

Application forms can be found at Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, download, fill and submit to the Danish mission in your country of residence with all required documents.

If there is no Danish mission in your country, you need to contact European embassy or Schengen mission, any one available.

Study Abroad in Denmark – Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are mostly same throughout schools in Europe but some minor differences exist.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admission Requirements

Find out if you even stand a chance of being admitted into any school by reading my guide on that. There are so many requirements from language of instruction proficiency to valid certificate and even more.

Study Language Requirement


To study in Denmark in their local language called Danish, you must show that you can read and write using the language. You can do this by enrolling for their pathway program or getting a written confirmation from your previous school attesting to the fact that your previous program was taught in the language. Students from the Nordic region are exempted from this.


A good TOEFL or IELTS score would proof your proficiency in English, just find out the cut-off mark required by your school. Some universities can even accept written attestation from your former school.

Cheap Universities and Colleges in Denmark for International Students

  • Aalborg Business College
  • Aalborg University
  • Aarhus University
  • University of Copenhagen
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Roskilde University
  • Royal Danish School of Pharmacy
  • Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
  • Technical University of Denmark
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