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All Top Hard Bible Questions and Answers for Adults

Would you like to learn more about the Bible? You’re in the right place now. You’ll love our extensive review of hard Bible questions and answers for adults! We’ve fact-checked each of our challenging bible questions, and they all come with the questions and solutions you’ll need to extend your perspective.

Some of the hard bible questions and answers for adults are more challenging than others. Your understanding will be put to the test by these challenging adult bible questions. And in case you run into trouble, the Bible contains the answers to these challenging queries.

Every person from any race or nation who wants to learn more about the Bible can benefit from these bible questions and answers for adults.

Hard Bible Questions and Answers for Adults with Bible Reference

The following are all top hard Bible questions and answers for adults to help you broaden your Bible knowledge;

1. Which Jewish holiday honors the liberation of the Jewish people from Haman as told in the Book of Esther?

  • Answer: Purim (Esther 8:1—10:3).

2. What is the shortest verse in the Bible?

  • Answer: John 11:35 (Jesus wept).

3. Paul says that Christians should imitate whom in Ephesians 5:5?

  • Answer: Jesus Christ.

4. What occurs after a person dies?

  • Answer: For Christians, death means being “away from the body and at home with the Lord. ( 2 Corinthians 5:6-8; Philippians 1:23).

5. Who identified Jesus as the Messiah when he was introduced to the Temple as a baby?

  • Answer: Simeon (Luke 2:22-38).

6. According to the Acts of the Apostles, which candidate was not chosen for the office of apostle after Judas Iscariot committed suicide?

  • Answer: Joseph Barsabbas (Acts 1:24–25).

7. How many baskets were left after Jesus fed the 5,000 people?

  • Answer: 12 baskets (Mark 8:19).

8. What did Jesus compare mustard seed to in a tale recorded in three of the four Gospels?

  • Answer:  Kingdom of God ( Matt. 21:43).

9. According to the book of Deuteronomy, how old was Moses when he died?

  • Answer: 120 years (Deuteronomy 34: 5-7).

10. According to Luke, which village was the site of Jesus’ ascension?

  • Answer: Bethany( (Mark 16:19).

11. In the Book of Daniel, who interprets Daniel’s vision of the ram and he-goat?

  • Answer: Archangel Gabriel (Daniel 8:5-7).

12. Which of King Ahab’s wives was thrown from a window and trodden on?

  • Answer: Queen Jezebel (1 Kings 16:31).

13. According to the book of Matthew, who did Jesus say “shall be called the Children of God” in his Sermon on the Mount?

  • Answer: The Peacemakers ( Matthew 5:9).

14. What are the names of the storm winds that might cause damage in Crete?

  • Answer: Euroklydon (Acts 27,14).

15. How many miracles performed by Elijah and Elisa?

  • Answer: Elisa outperformed Elijah exactly twice as many times. ( 2 Kings 2:9 ).

16. When was Passover celebrated? The month and day.

  • Answer: 14th of the first month (Exodus 12:18).

17. What was the earliest toolmaker mentioned in the Bible?

  • Answer: Tubalkain ( Moses 4:22).

18. What was Jacob’s name for the place where he fought God?

  • Answer: Pniel( Genesis: 32:30).

19. Jeremiah is divided into how many chapters? How many verses are there in Judas’ letter?

  • Answer: 52 and 25 respectively.

20. What is the meaning of Romans 1,20+21a?

  • Answer: (Because, since the creation of the universe, God’s invisible virtues, eternal power, and divine nature have been seen, comprehended from what has been formed, and men have no excuse. Because, although knowing God, they did not praise or thank him).

21. Who brought the sun and moon to a halt?

  • Answer: Joshua (Joshua 10:12-14).

22. What sort of tree was famous in Lebanon?

  • Answer: Cedar.

23. In what way did Stephen die?

  • Answer: Death by stoning (Acts 7:54-8:2).

24. Where was Jesus held captive?

  • Answer: Gethsemane ( Matthew 26:47-56).

25. Which book of the Bible contains the David and Goliath tale?

  • Answer: 1. Sam.

26. What names did Zebedee’s two sons (who was a disciple) have?

  • Answer: Jacob and John.

27. Which book details Paul’s missionary journeys?

  • Answer: Acts of the Apostles.

28. Who was Jacob’s oldest son’s name?

  • Answer: Rueben (Genesis 46:8).

29. What were the names of Jacob’s grandparents and mother?

  • Answer: Rebecca and Sara( Genesis 23:3).

30. Give the names of three biblical soldiers.

  • Answer: Joab, Niemann, and Cornelius.

32. Which Bible book contains the account of Haman?

  • Answer: The book of Esther (Esther 3:5–6).

33. Who among the Romans was in charge of agriculture in Syria at the time of Jesus’ birth?

  • Answer: Cyrenius (Luke 2:2).

34. What were the names of Abraham’s brothers?

  • Answer: Nahor and Haran).

35. What were the names of the judge and the woman who worked with her?

  • Answer: Deborah and Barak(Judges 4:4).

36. What took place first? Was it the Holy Spirit’s manifestation or Matthew’s appointment as an apostle?

  • Answer: Matthew was first appointed as an apostle.

37. Who was the most renowned goddess in Ephesus called?

  • Answer: Diana (1 Timothy 2:12).

38. What was the name and profession of Priscilla’s husband?

  • Answer: Aquila, tent manufacturer (Romans 16:3-5).

39. Tell us about three of David’s sons.

  • Answer: (Nathan, Absalom, and Salomon).

40. Which event occurred first: John’s beheading or the feeding of the 5000?

  • Answer: John’s head was severed.

41. Where in the Bible are apples first mentioned?

  • Answer: Proverbs 25,11.

42. What was Boa’s great-grandson called?

  • Answer: David (Ruth 4:13-22).

Hard Bible questions and answers for adults

The following are some difficult biblical questions and answers for adults;

43. Who made the statement, “It won’t take much more to persuade you to become a Christian”?

  • Answer: From Agrippa to Paul (Acts 26:28).

44. Who was it that said, “Philistines rule over you!”?

  • Answer: From Delilah to Samson ( Judges 15:11-20).

45. Who was Peter’s first letter addressed to?

  • Answer: To the persecuted Christians in five regions of Asia Minor, exhorts readers to imitate Christ’s suffering (1 Peter).

46. What verse in the Bible states, “These encourage controversies rather than God’s work, which is accomplished through faith”?

  • Answer: 1 Timothy 1,4.

47. What was the name of Job’s mother?

  • Answer: Zeruja  (Samuel 2:13).

48. What are the books preceding and following Daniel?

  • Answer: (Hosea, Ezekiel).

49. “His blood comes over us and our children,” who said it, and when was it said?

  • Answer: The Israeli people when Christ was to be crucified(Matthew 27:25).

50. What did Epaphroditus actually do?

  • Answer: He brought a gift from the Philippians to Paul ( Philippians 2:25).

51. Who is the Jerusalem high priest who tried Jesus?

  • Answer: Caiaphas.

52. According to Matthews Gospel, where did Jesus deliver his first public sermon?

  • Answer: On the mountain top.

53. How did Judas reveal Jesus’ identity to Roman officials?

  • Answer: Jesus is kissed by Judas.

54. What insect in the desert did John the Baptist eat?

  • Answer: Locusts.

55. Who were the first followers of Jesus called to be disciples?

  • Answer: Andrew and Peter.

56. After Jesus was taken into custody, which apostle denied him three times?

  • Answer: Peter.

57. What was the name of the author of the Book of Revelation?

  • Answer: John.

58. Who requested Jesus’ body from Pilate after he had been crucified?

  • Answer: Joseph of Arimathea.

Hard Bible questions and answers for adults over 50 years

Here are some bible questions and answers for adults over the age of 50;

60. Who before preaching the message of God was a tax collector?

  • Answer: Matthew.

61. When Paul states that Christians should imitate him, who is he referring to?

  • Answer: The example of Christ (Ephesians 5:11).

62. What did Saul come across on his trip to Damascus?

  • Answer: powerful, blinding light.

63. What tribe does Paul belong to?

  • Answer: Benjamin.

64. What did Simon Peter do before becoming an apostle?

  • Answer: Fisherman.

65. In the Acts of the Apostles, who is Stephen?

  • Answer: The first Christian martyr.

66. Which of the imperishable virtues in 1 Corinthians is the most important?

  • Answer: Love.

67. According to John, which apostle in the Bible doubts Jesus’ resurrection until he sees Jesus with his own eyes?

  • Answer: Thomas.

68. Which Gospel focuses the most on Jesus’ mystery and identity?

  • Answer: According to John’s Gospel.

69. Which passage from the Bible is related to Palm Sunday?

  • Answer: The triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

70. Which gospel was penned by a doctor?

  • Answer: Luke.

71. Who is the one that baptizes Jesus?

  • Answer: John the  baptize.

72. Which individuals are deserving of God’s kingdom?

  • Answer: The Uncircumcised.

73. Which of the Ten Commandments is the fifth and last?

  • Answer: Honor thy mother and father.

74. Which of the Ten Commandments is the sixth and last?

  • Answer: Thou shalt not commit murder.

75. Which of the Ten Commandments is the seventh and last?

  • Answer: Thou shalt not defile thyself with adultery.

76. What does the eighth of the Ten Commandments state?

  • Answer: Thou shalt not steal.

77. What is the ninth commandment of the Ten Commandments?

  • Answer: Thou shalt not testify falsely against thy neighbour.

78. What did God create on the first day?

  • Answer: Light.

79. What did God create on the fourth day?

  • Answer: The sun, the moon, and the stars.

80. What was the name of the river where John the Baptist spent most of his time baptizing?

  • Answer: The Jordan River.

81. What is the longest chapter in the Bible?

  • Answer: Psalm 119th.

82. How many books in the Bible did Moses and the apostle John write?

  • Answer: Five.

83. Who broke down in tears at the sound of a crow?

  • Answer: Peter.

84. What is the title of the Old Testament’s last book?

  • Answer: Malachi.

85. Who is the first killer in the Bible to be mentioned?

  • Answer: Cain.

86. What was the last wound that Jesus received before he died on the cross?

  • Answer: His side was been pierced.

87. What kind of material was used to make the crown that Jesus wore?

  • Answer: Thorns.

88. Where is “Zion” and “the City of David” located?

  • Answer: Jerusalem.

89. What is the name of the town in Galilee where Jesus grew up?

  • Answer: Nazareth.

90. Who took the position of Judas Iscariot as an apostle?

  • Answer: Matthias.

91. What will everyone who look to and believe in the Son have?

  • Answer: Salvation of the soul.

Hard Bible questions and answers for adults – Young Adults’ Questions

The following questions are bible questions and answers for young adults;

92. What was the name of the Palestinian territory where the tribe of Judah settled after the exile?

  • Answer: Judea.

93. The Redeemer is who?

  • Answer: The Lord Jesus Christ.

94. What is the name of the last book of New Testament?

  • Answer: Revelation.

95. When did Jesus come back to life?

  • Answer: On the third day.

96. Which Jewish ruling council was responsible for the plot to assassinate Jesus?

  • Answer: The Sanhedrin.

97. How many sections and divisions are there in the Bible?

  • Answer: Eight.

98. What prophet did the Lord call as a little kid to anoint Saul as Israel’s first king?

  • Answer: Samuel.

98. What is the definition of breaking God’s law?

  • Answer: Sin.

99. Which apostle was able to walk on water?

  • Answer: Peter.

100. When was the Trinity first made public?

  • Answer: During Jesus’ baptism.

101. What mountain did Moses ascend to receive the Ten Commandments?

  • Answer: Mt. Sinai.

Kahoot Questions – Hard Bible questions and answers for adults

The following are kahoot bible questions and answers for adults;

102. Who is the mother of the living world?

  • Answer: Eve.

103. When Jesus was arrested, what did Pilate question him about?

  • Answer: Are you the Jewish King?

104. Where did the name Paul, sometimes known as Saul, come from?

  • Answer: Tarsus.

105. What is the name of the person God has designated to speak on His behalf?

  • Answer:  A Prophet.

106. What does God’s forgiveness mean for everyone?

  • Answer: Salvation.

107. Where was the town where Jesus exorcised a demon from a man who called him the Holy One of God?

  • Answer: Capernaum.

108. When Jesus encountered the woman at Jacob’s well, which town was he in?

  • Answer: Sychar.

109. If you want to live forever, what do you drink?

  • Answer: Water of alive.

110. While Moses was away, Israelites worshiped which Aaron-created idol?

  • Answer: The Calf of Gold.

111. Which town was the first where Jesus started his ministry and was rejected?

  • Answer: Nazareth.

112. Who cut off the ear of the high priest?

  • Answer: Peter.

113. When did Jesus’ ministry begin?

  • Answer: Age 30.

114. What promise did King Herod make to his daughter on his birthday?

  • Answer: The head of John the Baptist.

115. During Jesus’ trial, which Roman Governor ruled Judea?

  • Answer: Pontius Pilate.

116. In 2 Kings 7, who sacked the Syrian camp?

  • Answer: Lepers.

117. In 2 Kings 8, how long did Elisha’s prophecy of famine last?

  • Answer: Seven years.

118. In Samaria, how many sons did Ahab have?

  • Answer: 70.

119. What occurred if a person unintentionally sinned during Moses’ time?

  • Answer: They had to make a sacrifice.

120. How long did Sarah live?

  • Answer: 127 years.

121. Who did God tell Abraham to sacrifice in order to show his love for Him?

  • Answer: Isaac.

122. In the Song of Songs, how much is the bride’s dowry?

  • Answer: 1,000 silver coins.

123. In 2 Samuel 14, how did the wise woman disguise herself?

  • Answer: As a widowed person.

124. What was the name of the governor who heard Paul’s accusation from the council?

  • Answer: Felix.

125. How many days after birth is circumcision performed in accordance with Moses’ Laws?

  • Answer: Eight days.

126. In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, who are we to imitate?

  • Answer: Children.

127. Who does Paul identify as the Church’s Head?

  • Answer: Christ.

128. What is the name of the King that appointed Esther as Queen?

  • Answer: Ahasuerus.

129. Who held forth his rod over the waters of Egypt to cause the frog plague?

  • Answer: Aaron.

130. What is the name of the second book of the Bible?

  • Answer: Exodus.

131. Which of the following cities in Revelation is also a city in the United States?

  • Answer: Philadelphia.

132. Whom did God foretell would fall to their knees before the angel of the Church of Philadelphia?

  • Answer: The false Jews of Satan’s synagogue.

133. What transpired after the crew threw Jonah overboard?

  • Answer: The storm subsided.

134. Who made the statement, “The time for my departure has come”?

  • Answer: Paul Apostle.

135. What animal is offered as a sacrifice at the Passover feast?

  • Answer: The ram.

136. Which plague struck the Egyptians from the sky?

  • Answer: Hail.

137. What was Moses’ sister’s name?

  • Answer: Miriam.

138. How many children did King Rehoboam have?

  • Answer: 88.

139. Who was the mother of King Solomon?

  • Answer: Bathsheba.

140. What was the name of Samuel’s father?

  • Answer: Elkanah.

141. What was the Old Testament written in?

  • Answer: Hebrew.

142. What was the total number of people on Noah’s Ark?

  • Answer: Eight.

143. What were Miriam’s brothers’ names?

  • Answer: Moses and Aaron.

144. What exactly was The Golden Calf?

  • Answer: While Moses was away, the Israelites worshipped an idol.

145. What did Jacob give Joseph that made his siblings envious?

  • Answer: A multicoloured coat.

146. What exactly does the word Israel mean?

  • Answer: God has the upper hand.

147. What are the four rivers that are said to flow from Eden?

  • Answer: Phishon, Gihon, Hiddekel (Tigris), and Phirat are all Tigris words (Euphrates).

148. What kind of musical instrument did David play?

  • Answer: The harp.

149. Which Literary Genre Does Jesus Use to Help Preach His Message, According to the Gospels?

  • Answer: The parable.

150. Which Of the imperishable qualities is the greatest In 1 Corinthians?

  • Answer: Love.

Is answering hard bible questions worth it?

It is not your typical book, the Bible. Its words serve as spiritual remedies throughout its pages. The Bible has the ability to alter your life because it contains life! (Also see Hebrews 4:12).

Jesus said in John 8:31–32 (AMP), “If you abide in My word, [continually obey My teachings and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples.” And you’ll realize the truth…truth shall set you free.

We won’t have the strength we need to grow in Christ and exalt God in this world if we don’t regularly read God’s Word and put it to use in our lives. The purpose of these bible study questions and answers for adults is to help you learn more about God.

Therefore, no matter where you are in your relationship with God, we sincerely encourage you to start reading His Word today and to make a commitment to doing so.

Hard Bible questions and answers for adults – Skills in Answering Questions

Be willing to answer challenging inquiries regarding the Bible. The next time someone asks you a challenging or thoughtful Bible question, we encourage you to attempt these easy steps.


Pay attention to the bible question

Although it seems straightforward, there are so many things vying for our attention that it is easier to become sidetracked and overlook the underlying significance of the bible question. Keep your attention on the question; it might not be what you anticipate. You can learn a great deal about your client by paying close attention to their tone of speech and body language. By being able to answer their particular concerns, you’ll save time. To determine whether a language degree is worthwhile, read this article.

Check out other Bible study lessons


The next action is to pause for a long enough period of time to take a deep breath. We speak with ourselves through our breath. Psychologists claim that most people answer questions by giving the other person what they think they want to hear. You can become proactive rather than reactive by taking 2-4 seconds to breathe. We can access a higher intelligence when it is silent. Visit our post on cheap psychology online courses.

Ask the Question Again

If someone asks you a challenging adult Bible quiz question that requires thought, repeat it back to yourself to be sure you understand. This accomplishes two goals. To begin with, it makes the situation clearer for both you and the individual posing the query. Second, it gives you time to think about the query and quiz yourself in private.

Understand When to Stop

Although it can seem like a simple chore, many of us find it challenging. We’ve all provided insightful responses to challenging issues from the Bible, only to contradict all we said by including extraneous details. Contrary to what we would think, people don’t listen to us more when we talk for a long time. inspire a desire for more. Stop before they turn their focus elsewhere.


Did you enjoy reading this post on All Top Hard Bible Questions and Answers for Adults? Sweet! As we read and put God’s Word into practice, we shall view ourselves and the world through God’s eyes. We will change through the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). We’ll get to know the writer, the dynamic God. You may also view all of the questions and responses about God.

If you enjoyed this essay and made it this far, you will undoubtedly enjoy another. We think it’s vital to study the bible, and this carefully researched essay on 40 questions and answers for a bible quiz that you can download and study will help you do so.

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