Study Engineering; Cheap Maritime Universities in Canada with Tuition Fees

Get admission to study in Canada at the listed cheap Maritime Engineering Universities or Schools in Canada, tuition fees is very affordable for foreign students; cost of living, admission requirements and other vital information will be discussed.

About Maritime Engineering Degree Programs in Canadian Universities for International Students

There is a wide variety of maritime majors to choose from, whether you are interested in working for a merchant navy, in a port, ship, yacht or as a ship captain student who enters either of the universities offering maritime degrees.

All study levels from the year of establishment, Bachelor, Master’s degree, PhD and maritime training also offered at universities.

The related degrees are shipping studies, nautical science, marine technology, marine engineering, marine operations, port management, maritime management. Please see the complete list of courses below.

Some of the best universities in the UK, USA and Australia teach the Maritime course offered, including bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees. In distance learning, part-time or full-time study modes, the degrees and courses are available.

Both services are approved by the Australian Maritime Authority, the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the United States Maritime Administration (MARD).

Maritime degrees provide students with specialized expertise, detailed skills and good credentials to prepare them for competitive maritime and maritime careers with maritime firms, shipping companies and agencies of the maritime government, such as customs and port authorities.

Maritime Engineering Universities Teaching Maritime Degrees

The University of Southampton, the University of Portsmouth, Newcastle University, the University of Strathclyde and the University of Southampton Solent are some of the UK universities. Universities of Australia include the Australian Maritime College (AMC) at the University of Tasmania, the Marine Studies Institute (MSI) at the University of Sydney and the University of Wollongong.

Merchant Marine Academy of USA, Texas A&M University, California Maritime Academy, Maine Maritime Academy, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Island University, Memorial University of Newfoundland Marine Institute and Georgian College are maritime colleges in the United States.

The well-respected International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) accredits the degrees taught by these top universities, which are also required by many maritime organisations and employers.

Maritime Degree Majors

All aspects, including marine science, marine engineering, maritime management and maritime administration, are covered by a broad range of maritime degrees. Below is a list of marine degrees that are popular;

  • Chief Mate & Master
  • Chief Mate Certificate
  • Geography with Marine Studies
  • Marine Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Marine Technology with Marine Engineering
  • Marine Technology with Naval Architecture
  • Marine Technology with Offshore Engineering
  • Marine Technology with Offshore Engineering
  • Maritime Business & Management
  • Maritime Law
  • Nautical Science and Chief Mate
  • Nautical Science Certificate
  • Naval Architecture with Ocean Engineering
  • Navigation and Maritime Science
  • Oil and Gas Chemistry
  • Ship and Port Management
  • Ship Captain
  • Ship Deck Officer Certificate
  • Ship Science
  • Ship Science & Engineering Management
  • Ship Science & Naval Architecture
  • Ship Science & Naval Engineering
  • Ship Science & Naval Engineering
  • Sub-Sea Engineering
  • Yacht Operations
  • Yacht Operations
  • Maritime English Courses

Admission Requirements for Studying Maritime Engineering in Canada

Strong high school credentials and IELTS 4.5 for admission to the foundation year and IELTS 6.0 for direct admission to the bachelor’s degree are the general standards and admission requirements of most universities.

For admission to the master’s degree, students must have a successful bachelor’s degree qualification and an IELTS 6.5 ranking. Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD proposal and IELTS 6.5 score are included in the PhD admission criteria.

Prerequisites Needed to Study Marine Engineering in Canada

A diploma in marine engineering is offered by the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). In Ocean and Naval Architecture Engineering, Memorial University of Newfoundland offers an undergraduate degree.

Completing high school with English and math is mandatory for admission to the BCIT diploma program. Recommendations include physics and chemistry. A medical, hearing and eyesight test approved by Transport Canada is also required.

For admission to MUN’s undergraduate program, high school completion is required. It includes English, math, and physics; chemistry is recommended.

How to Apply for the Maritime Engineering Degrees

For either of the above maritime degree programs, students who are interested in university admissions and need an offer of acceptance can apply online now.

A very easy approach to applying to a university and to obtain your offer of acceptance for maritime education from approved institution. Our application for admission is assisted by a team of training advisors and admission experts who will work on your application to ensure that you quickly get a good result.

Maritime Engineering Universities Tuition Fees in Canada

According to Statistics Canada, CA$29714 (US$22,500) per year is the total tuition fee for international undergraduate students in 2019/20.

In 2019/20, statistics in Canada put the average postgraduate tuition fee of CA$17,744 for foreign students, which is roughly US$13,437.

Cost of Living in Canada

Depending on personal lifestyle preferences and your place of residence, the cost of living in Canada varies considerably. The larger western and central cities, such as Montreal and Vancouver, tend to be more costly.

However you might find it easier to survive on a budget in the Atlantic Provinces and smaller rural areas, as groceries, lodging, and transport are usually more reasonably priced.

All living costs, including housing, health care, groceries, laundry, utility bills, clothes, travel and entertainment, should be included when calculating your budget. This normally ranges from CAD800 to CAD 1,000 per month, but it may be far higher in a large city.

List of Cheap Maritime Universities in Canada

  • Canadian Coast Guard College, Westmount, Nova Scotia
  • British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Pacific Marine Training Campus, North Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Georgian College, Owen Sound, Ontario
  • Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Holland College, Summerside, Prince Edward Island
  • Maritime Institut of Quebec, Rimouski, Quebec
  • New Brunswick Community College, St. Andrews, New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia Community College, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia
  • Ladysmith, British Columbia
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