Study Abroad at Universities in Austria for International Students, Tuition Fees Reviewed

In this analysis, we will look at cheap universities in Austria for international students who want to study abroad, requirements for admission, student visa for studying in Austria, cost of studying, living costs in Austria and so on.

Austria is located in the heart of Europe, it has beautiful landscapes and is one of the most beautiful tourist centers in the world.

Austria is becoming a go-to study abroad destination for international students; it educational sector is improving rapidly with lots of research work being incorporated into it yearly. It is moderately affordable with quite a number of affordable institutions compared to other continents.

They offer high quality research and taught postgraduate courses. Their achievements in the research world is improving by the year. You should also expect good and highly rated undergraduate programs as well. Their schools also rank high in Europe.

On getting to Austria, you may be embarrassed because of the widely spoken German language which you may not be able to speak as an international student.

But there is good news, many of their course are also offered completely in English Language, making it appealing to international interest. Because of this, it attracts international students who go there to study every year.

Austria as a federal state is divided into other independent federal states namely; Carintha, Upper Austria, Styria, Vienna, Vorarlberg, Burgenland, Lower Austria, and Salzberg. Their currency is Euros because it is part of the European Union.

Anybody planning to in Austria for 6 months or more needs a residence permit. If you are non EU/EEA, then you will need a student visa and also a residence permit. Those from EU/EEA regions do not need visa, just a residence permit.

Requirements for Student Visa Application

If you are from a non EEA country, you will be applying for a type D student visa. The student visa requirements are listed below but please check with your embassy for specific details;

  • Type D student visa application form
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Valid international passport
  • Admission letter from an Austrian University
  • Evidence of housing arrangement
  • You need a health insurance policy report
  • Your parents or guardian consent letter especially for minors
  • medical fitness report
  • Police clearance report
  • Biometric data maybe required

Book an appointment and visit the Austrian embassy in your country to get this done.

How to apply for a Degree Program to study in Austria

Any international student who wish to study abroad in Austria should do research about what universities in the country require in order to be eligible to apply for admission. After that, if you know you stand a chance of being admitted, you can then apply for your program of choice.

Most bachelor level courses are taught in German, which means you need to enroll for their language training before taking your degree program; that is if you cannot understand German language. This is not the case for postgraduate courses, they are entirely taught in English language with very few exceptions.

If you have a good result, your chances of getting admission is very high. If you are applying to University of the Arts, you will have to sit for entrance examination.

We regret to bear this bad news that Austria does not offer scholarships or grants to any international student, you need to source to sponsorship from other places that you can.

Cost of Studying in Austria

Tuition fees in public universities are very cheap compared to private schools in Austria. It ranges between 250 to 500 euros per semester depending on your school of choice and program of study.

For art schools or programs, tuition is free if you are from EEA country. Contact your school directly to find out what is obtainable.

Cost of studying is not only about tuition fees, you will need money for books, projects, seminar and other school charges like semester departmental fees etc.

Cost of living in Austria

Like any country in Europe, Austria is very affordable to live in. But their capital city Vienna is moderately expensive just like the capital of any country anyway.

For international students, if you have a good spending habit or money management skill, you can survive with an estimated amount of 950 to 1050 euros monthly depending on the economic situation of the country during your studies.

General admission requirements for all students

Each school may have their specific course admission requirements, but it won’t be too far from what I am putting down here, although students are always advised to confirm with the school to be absolutely sure, things can change anytime.

Language requirement is very important when thinking of study abroad admission requirements; if you do not understand your course language, no need of going for it. You won’t pass! In Austria, 2 languages are paramount; English language and Germs, you need to show evidence of language proficiency as the case may be or take a language course and pass before being offered admission.

Other requirements include;

  • 2 reference letters from teachers in your former school
  • application fee if required
  • statement of purpose
  • International passport
  • A passport photograph
  • Certificate
  • Work experience where necessary

Study Abroad in Austria at Cheap Universities in Austria for International Students

  • Graz University of Technology
  • Johannes Kepler University of Linz
  • Karl Franzens University
  • Montanuniversiat Leoben
  • Technikum Vorarlberg
  • Universitat fur Bodenkultur
  • University of Art and Industrial Design
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • University of Innsbruck
  • University of Klagenfurt
  • University of Salzburg
  • University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
  • University of Vienna
  • Vienna University of Technology
  • MCI-Management Centre, Innsbruck
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