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Cheap Universities in Cyprus for International Students with Tuition Fees

Last Updated on December 30, 2022 by Unwana Akpan

Study with cheap universities in Cyprus for international students; tuition fees for foreign nationals is stated, cost of living in Cyprus, colleges and schools in Cyprus, admission processing etc are reviewed.

About Cyprus

The Eastern Mediterranean is based in the Republic of Cyprus. In Europe, it is an island nation with a stunning topography. Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Greece surround it.

International students’ interest in studying in Cyprus grows significantly by the year. Cyprus has renowned academic reputation, and it is a beautiful country with beaches; this alone can attract students who love to explore.

Cost of Living in Cyprus

International students studying in Cyprus confirmed the cost of living in the country to be between 400 to 600 US dollars monthly. This is an estimated amount, it covers all facets of expenditure. You may spend less or more depending on your money management skills.

Cheap Universities in Cyprus for International Students – Tuition Fees

How much it takes to pay for a certain program known as tuition fee has been estimated to be under 3,500 euros yearly. Some programs charge higher tuition more than others, confirm your specific program tuition from your university of choice.

Study at Cheap Schools in Cyprus – Admission Process

Admission requirements for all students include;

After being granted admission, the next thing is fee payment. You can pay your tuition fee by transferring to the school’s account or you withdraw cash and go and pay. You will receive final acceptance letter after you are done paying Tuition fee. That is what you will use to apply for a study visa.

You can also process your visa after arriving at the country; but to me it is a bit stressful, just do all necessary things at once. Find out the required documents for study visa processing.

You will be awarded final admission letter, it is a situation of fulfilling all righteousness before being awarded the chance to study at the cheapest universities in Cyprus for foreign students.

You are free to study in English language or Greek in Cyprus

Medical check up is compulsory, just try and get health report from any government hospital in your country. Only a professional doctor is allowed to sign. Your chance of being admitted is greatly influenced by your medical report.

List of Cheap Universities in Cyprus for International Students

List of Cheap State Universities in Cyprus

  • Eastern Mediterranean University
  • European University of Lefke
  • National University of Cyprus
  • University of Cyprus
  • Cyprus University of Technology
  • Open University of Cyprus

List of Affordable Private Schools in Cyprus

  • European University Cyprus
  • Frederick University
  • University of Nicosia
  • Neapolis University
  • Cyprus International University
  • Near East University
  • Girne American University
  • University of Kyrenia

List of Cheap Colleges in Cyprus

  • American College
  • Atlantis College
  • Alexander College
  • Casa College
  • CDA college
  • City Unity College Nicosia
  • College of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • CTL Eurocollege
  • Cyprus Academy of Art
  • Cyprus Institute of Marketing
  • Cyprus International Institute of Management
  • Global College
  • InterNapa College
  • KES College
    Larnaca College
  • Ledra College
  • Mesoyios College
  • MKC City College
  • PA College
  • Philips College

How to Apply for Admission to Cheap Universities in Cyprus for Foreign Students

Glad you could make it down here; please read my detailed article on study abroad application tips to get directives on how to apply for admission or you contact a study abroad consultant for a paid service.

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