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20+ Top Scholarships in the USA for International Students

Last Updated on May 19, 2024 by Unwana Akpan

Have you ever wanted reading a complete review of top scholarships in the USA for international students offered by the Ivy league schools and others? Welcome on board and learn ways of applying for these financial aids. The most reliable and informative details you can find here. So let’s get started already!

List of Scholarships in the USA for International Students

This is a decent starting list for your quest for scholarships in the USA. They aren’t in any specific order, but I’ve tried to mention the universities you know first. For each, you will find the scholarship link, qualified degrees, the sum of the scholarship, and a short summary.

1. Harvard University Scholarships

  • Eligible students – Undergraduate, Graduate
  • Scholarship worth – Fully Funded scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate.

One of the most well-known universities in the USA is Harvard University. It is one of the schools of the Ivy League. The university provides both domestic and foreign students with great financial assistance. So, make sure that this university is tested!

2. Yale University Scholarships in USA

  • Eligible students – Both Undergraduate and Graduate
  • Scholarship Amount – Undergraduate and graduate students can receive up to fully funded scholarships

Another prominent university in America is Yale University. It is situated in New Haven, Connecticut and is renowned for providing excellent education. Today, one of the best scholarships for foreign students in the USA is being offered.

3. Princeton University Scholarships

  • Degrees Eligible for Scholarships – Undergraduate students and graduate students
  • Amount of Scholarships – Undergraduates can earn a maximum of full tuition, bed, and board scholarships. Up to full tuition and a monthly stipend may be paid by graduate learners.

In many ranking systems in America, Princeton University is ranked first. With its 6.5 per cent acceptance rate for undergraduate students, it is also one of the most competitive colleges. While it is competitive, it also provides one of the best scholarships in the USA for international students.

4. MIT Scholarships to Study in the US for Free

  • Eligible students – Undergraduate and Graduate students
  • Maximum Scholarship Number – Fully funded scholarships including tuition, bed, stipends and boarding facility

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the best universities in the area of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the country. Now, for those who want scholarships to study in America, MIT scholarships are offered.

5. Cornell University Scholarships

  • Eligible programs – Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
  • Scholarship Amount – Both are eligible to receive up to full-ride scholarships

I can tell you that this school is a member of the Ivy Leagues school association, a prestigious group of universities in USA. It was founded in 1865 and has taught many students. After graduating, the students have gone to many different career areas in life and have succeeded.

6. Brown University Scholarships in the US

  • Eligible scholarship programs – Undergraduate and Graduate programs
  • Maximum Scholarship Sum – Full-ride scholarships covering tuition, bed, and board can be earned by all applicants.

One of the oldest universities in the country is Brown University. This university provides students who wish to study in the USA with scholarships. Throughout its long history, its outstanding faculty has devoted its lives to educating its students. Many graduates have now become involved and effective members of society.

7. Caltech Scholarships for International Students to Study in USA

  • Eligible degrees – Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships
  • Scholarship Number – Up to full tuition, bed, and board scholarships can be earned from both undergraduate and graduate students.

As a top university in the STEM sector, CalTech is side-by-side with MIT. In prestigious journals, there are many outstanding professors who publish their studies. You can work alongside these intellectuals if you do get admitted. The best part is that Caltech in America provides scholarships to foreign students.

8. University of Alabama Scholarships

  • Scholarship Eligible Programs – Undergraduate Programs
  • Amount of Scholarship – Complete tuition plus $2,500 for engineering students

This institution in the state of Alabama is a well-known citadel of higher learning. That means that U of Alabama is the best university in the state of Alabama. Especially if you are in their honors college, it offers great education for learners.

9. University of Chicago Scholarships

  • Eligible students – Undergraduate and Graduate
  • Maximum Amount – Undergraduate student tuition, room, and board; full tuition and monthly stipend for graduate students

One of the hardest universities to get into in the USA is the University of Chicago. However for international students wishing to study in the US, it does offer comprehensive scholarships.

10. Duke University Scholarships for foreign Students

  • Eligible students – Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
  • Number of Scholarships – Full ride for both graduate and undergraduate students

Duke University is an exemplary private university located in North Carolina, USA. It provides foreign students with one of the best scholarships in the USA.

11. UCLA Scholarships in the USA for International Students

  • Eligible students – Graduate
  • Maximum Number – For graduate students, full tuition and stipend

UCLA is part of the University of California and provides students with a fantastic education. As well as domestic students, many foreign students wish to study at this excellent university.

12. Notre Dame University Scholarships

  • Scholarship Qualifying Programs – Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
  • Complete Amount of Scholarship – For both undergraduate and graduate students, full ride

Notre Dame is an outstanding private university in the United States that has a lot of excellent academic programs. It is a Catholic University, but its views on its students are not followed.

13. Rice University Scholarships

  • Qualified Degrees – Candidates from undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Sum of Scholarships – All students are entitled to receive full scholarships for tuition, room and board

Rice University is a fantastic university based in Texas, USA. For both foreign students and domestic students, the scholarship program is very extensive.

14. UC Berkeley Scholarships

  • Degrees Eligible for Scholarships -Graduate
  • Sum of Scholarship – Graduate students are entitled to earn full-ride scholarships consisting of a monthly stipend and tuition.

One of the best universities in the UC system is UC Berkeley. It is situated in California and has many outstanding students. International graduate students wishing to study in the United States will study at UC Berkeley and earn scholarships.

15. University of Pennsylvania Scholarships

  • Undergraduate and Graduate degrees are eligible degrees
  • Full Scholarship Sum – Total scholarships for undergraduate students consisting of tuition, bed, and board; tuition and monthly stipend for graduate students

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of America, founded the University of Pennsylvania. It offers one of the most generous scholarships for foreign students in the United States. You should take a peek at the University of Pennsylvania if you want to get a scholarship!

16. Tulane University Scholarships in the US

  • Offered degrees – Undergraduate, Doctoral
  • Total Sum – Undergraduate students can earn up to $23,000 a year and complete tuition and living stipend scholarships can be awarded to graduate students

Tulane University, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a university. It was originally founded as a school of medicine and has added several departments. Now for students who wish to study in this country, it offers scholarships in America.

17. Emory University Scholarships for International Students in USA

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees are the qualified degrees
  • Amount of Scholarship – Both degrees can obtain complete Emory scholarships.

The University of Emory is based in Georgia and is known as a great institution. At this excellent university, foreign students will earn American scholarships!

18. Louisiana State University Scholarships for Foreign Students

  • Qualified Degrees – Undergraduate students
  • Sum of Scholarship – Full tuition

One of the leading state universities in the State of Louisiana is Louisiana State University. It has about 32,000 students, including many students from abroad.

19. Troy University Top Scholarships

  • Undergraduate degrees are eligible to earn the scholarships
  • Total Scholarship amount – Full tuition

Troy University, located in Alabama, USA, is an outstanding university. It offers students great education and is one of the easier schools to accept.

20. Rhodes College Best Scholarships

  • Undergraduate degrees are the eligible degrees
  • Complete Scholarship Amount – Fully funded scholarships consisting of full tuition, space and board of directors

Rhodes College is an outstanding private institution in the Tennesee region. It has a stunning Gothic-style campus. The low professor-student ratio also allows students to know and learn a lot from their professors.

21. Mississippi State University Top Scholarships in the USA for International Students

  • Degrees Available – Undergraduate Studies
  • Sum of Scholarships – Full Tuition

One of the best colleges in the State of Mississippi is Mississippi State University. In the United States, they offer one of the most generous scholarships.

Ways to Apply for Scholarships in USA for International Students

What are you doing with this information now? You’ll have to apply! What? How? Well for different grades, the application procedure is different. Take a look at the Common Application Guide if you are an undergraduate student.

The Common Application is used by many of these universities (except UC’s), so the guide will be helpful. The university website, containing the required materials and the application process for international students, is another place to look. To know what to do when applying, read the information presented there carefully.

It’s the same for graduate students as for undergraduate students. To know the specific application procedure, you will need to look at the university website.

I know how to apply for scholarships in the USA section is vague, but I can not go over the application procedure for each single university. As I said, taking a look at the official websites is the best way to know. They possess the complete details you need.

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